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Google AdSense Tips: The Best Positions To Place AdSense Code For High ClickThrough Rate And Increased Revenue

Blogging is one reliable way to make money online, and it is one good way to connect with targeted audience in a particular niche. There are many ways a blogger can make money through blogging e.g. make money through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, ads display, etc. In this article, we will be talking about Adsense under Ads Display and its positioning, for increased revenue.

AdSense program owned and run by Google, is known to be the best and highest paying ads server on the internet. Getting approved by AdSense is not easy. And after AdSense approval, more is expected to be done to earn from it, and these include writing fresh and interesting contents with well structured long tail keywords, building on your SEO to drive organic traffic from search engines to your blog, positioning AdSense code in the right position that will catch the attention of your audience or website visitors, and using the right AdSense format and size.
Best AdSense Positions

AdSense works with your website or blog keywords. It is better you display AdSense ads in the right position where it is most viewed by your visitors, and might be connected to what they are reading at that moment. We have the Text and Ads Display (with picture) AdSense ads formats. Imagine having AdSense Text ads displayed in blogger sidebar(s) with other blogger widgets. It definitely will not attract attentions as  much as Ads Display with picture would do. The best Ad size to use in sidebar is 300x600 Skyscraper.

This Ad position isn't my favourite. Sometimes as a blogger or webmaster, you should assume yourself to be a visitor and also act as a critic. One thing is certain, people visit your website or blog, not to click Ads, but to get useful pieces of info. They don't like feeling they are been used by you to make money. But when ads are placed politely and displays what readers are looking for, then, clickthrough is certain. 

Ads displayed in website header is a little more polite. It mostly comes in Leaderboard size. When a page is opened, this is mostly what readers see before scrolling down to the content section of the page. You hardly get high paying ads displayed in header or sidebar, as this is done at random using site wide keywords, and not targeted keywords. Most times, visitors don't pay attention to such ads. This header ad is more exposed to visitors than the sidebar ads. 

My favourite ad position is placing AdSense code below blogger post title and in post footer. In this case, the post keywords are used to display ads by Google AdSense. This is where long tail keywords matter the most. The Ads readers see here are mostly in line with what the post conveys. In this case, it is easier for readers to click the ads even before reading the post. I will advise you use 250x250 AdSense ad size. Also, you should use both Text and Ads display format. 

After all these, you can focus on driving targeted website traffic to your blog or website. You can read more posts about SEO on this blog.

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