Is Vistage Worthwhile for CEOs?

is vistage beneficial for ceosIf you have heard about Vistage and want to know whether it is worth it or not, you have come to the right place. Joining Vistage might just be the best decision that one can possibly make. It can be worth it for people who want to achieve more in life. By reading this post, you will come to the conclusion whether it is the right option for you or not.

What Is Vistage?

In order to understand if Vistage is worth it, you first need to know more about it. In the simplest of words, vistage leadership nashville is a membership program where up to 15 CEOs of different companies come together for about 9 hours to work on problems together. Here is a break-up of what they do.

  • There is a welcome exercise or check-in the first thing in the morning.
  • Then, there is a 3-hour workshop.
  • After the workshop, members get to eat during the 1-hour lunch break.
  • Finally, members get to present issues they are facing during the afternoon for much-needed feedback.

Each meeting has a chair that organizes and leads the meeting. The chair would be responsible for ensuring order and keeping the conversation going in the right direction. Generally, the chair tends to be a retired CEO who has experience coaching peers.

What Is The Typical Vistage Member Like?

The following describe a typical Vistage group member.

  • Male.
  • Leads an organization or family business that has annual revenue of at least $15 million.
  • 60 years of age.
  • Enjoys being in a group.
  • Belongs to a country or golf club.
  • Does not mind criticism, is open to learning, and humble.
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The above should only give you an idea about what to expect from executive coaching. However, there are younger members and women as well.

The Value of Vistage

To understand the worth of Vistage, you have to consider the cost of Vistage membership. During 2018, Vistage initiation cost $2,250 and monthly fees of $1,380 were expected from each CEO. However, the fees were less for SME leaders. The cost has somewhat remained the same. Besides the membership, the main determining factor is time invested. Members are expected to spend 1 day each month at the meeting. They also get to benefit from a one-on-one meeting with the chair or the group leader. Some people find the time to be too much of an investment. However, leadership mentoring nashville that do end up becoming members understand the importance of gaining perspective. They find real value in the association. The following help sum up the benefits of Vistage membership.

  • Opportunity to hear about unique problems.
  • Meet potential partners and clients.
  • Finding a sense of community.
  • Receiving excellent leadership coaching nashville.
  • Making time for reflection.
  • Gaining new ideas that you might have never even thought about.

Executive coaching tennessee can be the best investments that one can make in their professional career. It provides you with the opportunity to meet successful business minds and work together in a caring environment. Besides, the one-on-one coaching is definitely worth any cost.

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