Friday, 4 December 2020

Napoli rename home ground 'Diego Armando Maradona stadium' after late football legend

The Naples metropolis council on Friday, December four, 2020, unanimously accredited a decision to exchange the call of Napoli's home stadium from Stadio San Paolo to Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, only a week after the football legend passed away in his local Argentina aged 60.

The resolution changed into proposed by Naples mayor Luigi De Magistris a day after Maradona had exceeded away but the metropolis council has now accepted the renaming technique.

Maradonal led Napoli to 2 Serie A titles at some point of his seven-12 months run with Napoli from 1984 to 1991 and is visible by means of football fans and locals in Naples as a revered figure.

Napoli rename domestic ground

"along with his vast talent and his magic, he honoured the Napoli blouse for seven years, giving it  historical championships and different prestigious cups, and receiving in trade from the complete town an everlasting and unconditional love," a announcement on Friday from the council examine. 

"thru the football victories of the Argentine champion, it became not only the Napoli team that gained but the whole metropolis, which absolutely identifies with him," it study.

"always on the facet of the weakest and the not unusual human beings, Maradona fought the prejudices and discrimination that Neapolitans were nonetheless subjected to within the stadiums, becoming the idol of the entire metropolis."

Napoli had the danger to pay tribute to Maradona remaining week during their Europa League healthy at home against Rijeka. Captain Lorenzo Insigne laid a wreath earlier than kick-off, whilst the Napoli team lined up in 'Maradona 10' shirts. 

The final step within the stadium's name trade can be the authorisation of the Prefect of the Province of Naples.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Brother Bitrus.

Brother Bitrus

"Brother Bitrus" is a song by KINGover-all to his beloved brother Bitrus Audu. This sensational tune features voice notes from his friends and lovely members of his family, wishing the champion "Brother Bitrus", a happy birthday, and encouraging him to soar higher.

Bitrus Audu has a wall fully decorated with the American Golden Flash Award, Kent State University Student Leader Of The Year Award, the Spirit of Service Golden Eagle Battalion Award, the American Army ROTC Social Responsibility Award and many more.
 Download below!!

Sunday, 19 July 2020

List of top dofollow directory submission websites with high DA PR
In recent time, many things have changed in the search engine optimization world, as many search engines, such as Google, have changed the way it ranks websites and blogs. In the past, submitting websites to dofollow directories with high domain authority and pagerank was the best way to get ranked by Google and other search engines. This old seo trick increased many websites visibility or presence online and so, attracted search engines to crawl and index such websites. This effective internet marketing trick gave birth to hundreds of top seo services you see online today. Some of these seo companies, with the knowledge of how important this is, offered paid directory submission service to their clients. All thanks to this link building trick, internet marketing seemed easier and driving organic traffic to a website or blog was not difficult. But in all this, while webmasters and online business owners were still living in their dream of an easy internet marketing world, a little complexity was added by the big cats in the search engine world. The whole scene was changed and the scripts were of no relevance anymore. This is what everyone is made to believe about seo in the present internet world. If you say directory submission is no more the determining factor in ranking high in seo, I will agree to an extend. But if you say directory submission is no more an effect seo trick, that I will disagree with you totally. Seo, Internet Marketing, backlinks, link building

Directory submission is one good way to get quality backlinks for your website. Although, it might not be the main factor to rank high, but it is definitely one of the factors to be considered, considering how important backlinks are in seo. There was this time bloggers and webmasters focused 85% of their energy and time on directory and other websites submission for link building and forgot to do the needful, like creating good and relevant contents and proffer solutions to readers or internet users. During this time, many bloggers failed to harness the power of quality and relevant contents, rich in relevant long tail keywords. After this complexity was introduced into seo, bloggers and affiliate marketer's focus was changed and redirected. Many have come to recognize the many benefits of a good, quality and relevant content online. In one of my post on how to make money online with internet marketing , I high-lighted some key ways on how to generate sales in affiliate marketing via content writing. O yes! You heard me right. This is just one of the importance of writing a good and relevant content that offers solution to internet users or readers. Although, it is not the only effective way to make sales or generate leads as an affiliate marketer.

For this reason, many top internet marketing companies or individuals have created internet marketing tools that run on autopilot. Such marketing tools do the jobs for you by marketing your affiliate products and services to a large group of targeted audience to increase sales. Although, it is not free, but you definitely will get your desired results in your affiliate marketing. Many affiliates are not aware of such paid online marketing tools. They only know about seo and link building, content marketing and advertising. And if you fall into this category of people, then, it is very imperative you know and understand everything about seo and stay updated with Google updates on seo, if you want to be successful in internet marketing.

Am I insinuating that link building has no relevancy in seo anymore? Of course not! In fact, without backlinks, your website seo is without a foundation. Your website popularity online is dependent on link building. For this reason, creating backlinks for your website or blog should be in your top 3 seo to-do list e.g. write quality, relevant and rich in keywords contents, make your website or blog mobile friendly and build quality and relevant backlinks for your website.

How to build quality and relevant backlinks: Creating thousands of backlinks for your website does not really count in seo. What counts is your backlinks' relevancy and quality. If you ask me, 50 quality and relevant backlinks is worth more than 5,000 low quality and irrelevant backlinks. Did somebody just ask what quality and relevant backlinks are? I guess I heard that right. Quality backklinks are backlinks you get from linking to websites with high domain authority, high pagerank and good Alexa ranking. While relevant backlinks are backlinks you get from linking to  websites in your niche or related to your niche e.g. A health blog or website should get backlinks from health, wellness and fitness related websites, and not from technology or personal finance related websites. Do you understand now? Just like the real world, the internet also has caucuses. To enjoy the benefits that websites with high DA and PR are enjoying, Google and other top search engines expect your website or blog to be linked to this caucus. It is like having a link with the big cats (king of the jungle) to make you one of the nobles in the jungle. Did you get the message? So, to create quality and relevant backlinks, you will have to submit your website details to top dofollow directories with high da and pr, dofollow social bookmarking websites with high da and pr, dofollow forums with high da and pr, social networks with high da and pr, etc.

Benefits of backlinks in seo: 
The advantages of building backlinks are huge and numerous. Even though Google and other search engines make it look "not the most relevant in seo", its contributions in search engine optimization are of great concern.
Search Engine Optimization, Seo, Google

- It drives organic traffic to your website or blog for free.
- It boosts your website or blog visibility online.
- It increases your website traffic by allowing you share in the quality traffic your linked-to websites are getting.
- With your website URL everywhere online, it means high popularity for your website.
- It makes you friends with thousands of search engines. This will boost your SEM (search engine marketing).
- As an affiliate marketer, it increases your sales, as it exposes your affiliate products and services to large potential number of buyers online. With all the legit money making opportunities online, if you are not connected to the right audience, you might not make money online. This is where link building comes into play in seo, as it increases organic traffic to your product or service page.
- As a blogger, this helps you make more money blogging. Sponsors and online companies love to advertise on blogs with quality traffic, high domain authority, high pagerank and good Alexa ranking. With quality and relevant backlinks, all these listed attractive qualities will automatically be attached to your website. This means more money will be made. Oh yes. That's the feeling.
And I can go on with the benefits of link building and like I have said earlier, the benefits are numerous.

List of dofollow directory sites with high domain authority, alexa ranking and pagerank 

Below is a compiled list of dofollow directories to submit to for quality backlinks. Some are free directories and some are paid directories, while some offer both free and paid directory submission. - For blogs -For blogs - For blogs

Is there any omitted dofollow directory with high domain authority and pagerank? Please list them using the comment box below. And please, don't spam the comment with non directory links.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

How To Add Horizontal Menu To Blogger Header
It all depends on your blogger template and the new blogger does not support auto horizontal menu when you add page in your blog header section. I had problem adding a menu to my header for easier navigation. I want to believe I was not the only one facing this. Unlike some new templates where you have page menu and main menu automatically added, in some cases where you re only provided with the main menu, you will need this blogging tutorial.

Every blog or website will need to place navigation links in prominent place(s), so that customers or readers can contact them or read to know about them and so on. In the absence of this, many bloggers or website owners have lost the opportunities of connecting with potential buyers or business proposals. Some bloggers do the mistake of placing pages links in blog footer. This is where you are getting it wrong, as visitors are too impatient to scroll down your website or blog page to view your page footer. It is advisable you do not take that risk.
This below horizontal menu code does not affect your page loading speed. It is simple and mobile friendly too.

=> Login to your blogger account

=> Click on Layout and click on ADD A GADGET in your header section.

=> Click on HTML/Javascript link to add one of the the below horizontal menu codes. If you want something like Blogmeloud blog horizontal menu, then use the first menu code:

=> <style> #tabs1 { font: bold 7.5pt Verdana; } #tabs9 img { border: none; } #navcontainer { margin: 10px 0 0 30px; padding: 0; height: 20px; } #navcontainer ul { border: 0; margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style-type: none; text-align: center; } #navcontainer ul li { display: block; float: left; text-align: center; padding: 0; margin: 0; } #navcontainer ul li a { background: #fff; width: 78px; height: 18px; border-top: 1px solid #ddd; border-left: 1px solid #ddd; border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; border-right: 1px solid #ddd; padding: 0; margin: 0 0 5px 0; color: #666; text-decoration: none; display: block; text-align: center; font: normal 10px/18px verdana; } #navcontainer ul li a:hover { color: #6659A7; background: #eeeeee; } #navcontainer a:active { background: #c60; color: #fff; } #navcontainer li#active a { background: #c60; border: 1px solid #c60; color: #fff; } </style> <div id="navcontainer"> <ul id="navlist"> <li><a href=""><span>Home</span></a></li> <li><a href=""><span>About us</span></a></li> <li><a href=""><span>Contact us</span></a></li> <li><a href=""><span>Submit Guest Post</span></a></li> <li><a href=""><span>Advertise</span></a></li> <li><a href=""><span>Sitemap</span></a></li> </ul> </div>

 <style> .nav-scroll { background-color: #333; overflow: auto; white-space: nowrap; position: relative; } 
.nav-scroll a { display: inline-block; color: white; text-align: center; padding: 14px; text-decoration: none; } 
.nav-scroll a:hover { background-color: #777; }
<div class="nav-scroll"> 
<a href="">About Us</a> 
<a href="">Contact Us</a> 
<a href="">Submit Guest Post</a> 
<a href="">Advertise</a> 
<a href="">SiteMap</a> </div> 

=> To edit the above code, change "https://www.blogmeloud....." to your page desired page. Enjoy!

Monday, 22 June 2020

High paying affiliate programs and how to make sales with internet marketing
     Internet is full of surplus money making opportunities and to a huge amount of internet users, the internet is like a Gold mine. But even with this generally accepted view, many are still left out of the online money making train. For those who are in this moving train, not everyone is making money online. What could possibly be the cause of this? This has been the ever burning question in many affiliate marketers' mind. There are rules to making money online. And for the sake of those who are new to affiliate programs and internet marketing, we will be talking about what is an affiliate program, what is affiliate marketing, what is internet marketing, how to generate leads or make sales in affiliate marketing , list of top and high paying affiliate programs you can work with and make huge profits.
 Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing

What Is An Affiliate Program?

     Affiliate program is a money making opportunity that is offered by a company to its affiliate(s), where an affiliate can make money by promoting or driving targeted traffic or audience to such company's product(s) or service(s), with an aim to generating sales or leads. In this case, the affiliate earns some percentage from the company's generated sales. Affiliates are like contract workers, with terms and conditions to work with. Some companies tell you their accepted marketing channels. When your marketing technique is against what they want, you can get banned. It is advisable you read through their affiliate terms and conditions before accepting.

     As an affiliate, you cannot promote all the numerous offers available to you. Not it is just about the possible money you can make if you promote all offers. It is important you put your targeted audience first. Promote only the offers they need, not what you want. Also, remember not to be Jack of all trades and master of none. It is not compulsory to work with all affiliate programs. Only work with the relevant but  few ones that can give you quality offers, products and services, with high conversion rates and are reliable. This is why Blogmeloud blog has put together, a list of top high paying and reliable affiliate programs in different niche you can choose from. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an act of connecting targeted audience to a company's product or service, for the purpose of generating leads or making sales and getting paid for it. You can get paid per click, cost per action, cost per sales, etc. Affiliate marketing can be done via content marketing, banner display, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, etc. And in affiliate marketing, you can make money online without investment. More will be said about this as we move on. 

What Is Internet Marketing?

Similar to affiliate marketing, it is an act of connecting targeted traffic or audience to a product or service, which can be a personal product and service or a company's, for the purpose of creating a relationship, generating leads and sales, and converting traffic to revenue. In internet marketing, you might not have product and service to sell to your targeted audience. As in the case of blogging, you don't sell your contents to your readers, neither do you charge them penny to gain access to your contents. Still, internet marketing is very imperative, if you want to connect your contents with targeted website traffic. Driving huge targeted traffic to your website or blog is where the income is, even though your audience do not pay to read your contents. This is where affiliate marketing is different from internet marketing. This means, not all internet marketers are affiliate marketers. So, when you are marketing as an affiliate, you are after generating sales and not just getting traffic.
 Online Marketing, Internet Marketing

How To Generate Leads Or Make sales In Affiliate Marketing

     There are tens and hundreds of ways to make sales online e.g. social media marketing, internet marketing via advertising, content marketing or blogging, SEO , etc. Many are in search of how to make money online without paying anything. Your search isn't wrong, because there are ways on how to make real money online for free. All you need is the right online money making opportunities and marketing techniques. Get yourself ready to make money online from home. Because in this post, we will be talking about content marketing or blogging and how to write content that converts and makes money for you as an affiliate marketer. On Blogmeloud blog, we have already written a lot of articles on  SEO and how to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog for free. But today, we are focusing on content marketing.

     One secret of any successful affiliate marketer is that audience are more important to them than the products or services. If you can know your customers value, you will know what quality product or service to offer your customers. Listen to them to understand what they want. You can understand what they want only when you have a connection with them. You create a connection with your audience when you feel what they feel, know their problems and can solve their problems. In simple words, be problems solver to your audience and you will win their hearts. Make your audience know they are more important to you and you will always be there for them and their needs are your number one concern. If you can make them feel this way, they will be ever ready to accept any product or service recommendation you give to them. 

     In content marketing, it is very advisable you do not present to your readers or targeted audience, this marketing tone, in your created content. When you communicate with your readers, conceal your marketing voice and present a helping voice. When you check to see daily searches made on Google, about 95% of these searches are from solution seekers. If such category of audience wanted a product or service, they would have gone to the nearest stores or companies in their neighborhoods. So, clicking to visit your post and reading it, only means they are expecting a well explained solution from you. Don't forget, we have millions of articles online, but yours was chosen. So, make it worth it. In the course of rendering solution, you can then tip in an affiliate product or service as a reference point, during which you can explain how such a product or service can solve their problems too, should they choose to take an extra step in dealing with their problems.

     Let it come as a recommendation and not a suggestion. When your affiliate program or service comes as a suggestion, it means you don't know your product or service and cannot boast of what it can do. Product knowledge is very important. Only then can you recommend to your readers in a more friendly and convincing, yet marketable way. It is not compulsory you must have a blog or website before you can follow this internet marketing tip. With a well explained solution to a problem, and also including referential link(s) to your affiliate product or service in your explained solution, you can submit this as a guest post in a blog or website that accepts guest blogging. With all being said, we can now proceed to list of high paying affiliate programs.

As stated earlier, there are tens and hundreds of ways to market your affiliate products and services. Internet marketing can be done the easy way or the stressful way. In the stressful ways, you have to locate your targeted audience and create a relation all by yourself. This might involve creating rich contents that convert or working on your SEO to enable search engines market for you. But for the easy way, you can work with internet marketing companies or use some good marketing tools or software to make your internet marketing easier. Below are more ways on how to make money online for beginners. There are thousand ways on how to make money online for free. You can either choose the fast money making ways or the other. For the fast money making ways, there are money making tools designed to set your income stream on autopilot. This means, it is a done-for-you system. Hassle free, no sweat. The easiest way to generate money online quickly is to connect to free targeted traffic. The good news is, there are list of affiliate marketing tools that can do that for you and we already listed some of these affiliate marketing tools for you below. Some of these recommendations will expose you to more money making opportunities, together with ways to generate income with these opportunities. Below are my tutorials and recommendations on how to make easy money online:

- 100% Done-For-You Profit Generating System - Traffic, Leads, Sales & Commissions Rolled Into ONE!

- Free Traffic Software + Training.World's First App Exploits An Untapped 1B Traffic Source For FREE Traffic & Commissions in 60 Seconds Flat...

- 100% DONE-FOR-YOU Clickbank Affiliate Site Pre-Loaded With Multiple Product Reviews For Offers From WarriorPlus, JVZoo & Clickbank. Use our pre-made site or create your own with our custom made app!

- Facebook Ads Traffic System that teaches marketers on how to promote Affiliate offers by running simple ads, without getting banned

- Generate responsive leads on complete Auto-pilot

- The #1 Selling affiliate Marketing Program On The Planet. Also make money with this 

- 101+ ways to profit from Gumroad 

- Email marketing - download over 4200 business leads every single day.But that's not all....

- The Traffic Power Profits - Increase the amount of free traffic today to increase your bottom line profits 

- 100% Automated Clickbank Review Sites, With CONTENT, "done for you review posts" and GOOGLE TRAFFIC. Created, and HOSTED for you in just ONE CLICK! 

- Recurring Profit Machine is a 100% DONE FOR YOU website, software & system that includes multiple monetization methods … where you can earn simply by sharing valuable information & offers with prospects

- Case Study, Software & Video Training That Will Help ANY Newbie To Generate High Quality Traffic & Sales Backed By 100% Real Results

- Breakthrough Software DUPLICATES The EXACT Process ‘Super Affiliates’ Use To Make 6+ Figures Per Year! Multiple ‘DFY Cash Campaigns’ For Plug’n’Play Profits ANY Time You Want! 

- Highly Profitable Commission Funnels You Can Copy & Paste To Generate 6+ Figures Per Month!

                                     List Of Top High Paying Affiliate Programs 

Below are list of make money online affiliate programs with high CPA, CPS, etc.

=> KARATBARS GOLD INVESTMENT: This is our first in the list, but does not make it the best though. Our list is not in order of importance. Karatbars international is seriously making waves online with both their Gold investment program and affiliate program. Karatbars is now in more than 120 countries, as it intends to take over Gold business all over the world. Registration is free. It offers opportunities for its members to own Gold in grams, in form of investment. You do not need to be an affiliate before you can make money on Karatbars. But if you want to make extra cash weekly, you will have to become an affiliate. As a member, you do not need extra registration to become a Karatbars affiliate. Upon a successful registration to become a Karatbars member, you will be expected to upload your KYC (know your customers) documents, after which your customized Mastercard credit card and a sample of Gold (1g) from your total Gold invested in, will be shipped to you via FedEX. Karatbars is in partnership with Mastercard and FedEX. With this Mastercard, you can make withdrawal anytime and anywhere.
 By Gold

     There are about 4 membership or investment plans:  Bronze plan, Silver plan, Gold plan and VIP plan. In Bronze plan, you earn 5% from your two premium referrals, you earn weekly for 3 months. This totals about $2,200 to be earned as a Bronze premium member. As a Silver plan member, you earn 10% and that totals more than $10,000 in 3 months. Earn 15% as a Gold plan member, and in 3 months you will earn $17,000+. And as a VIP plan member, you earn 20% and in 3 months, you earn $34,000+. I can imagine this one question popping in your heart right now, like, "how possible can that be?" It is 101% possible. It is a way of rewarding its members for sharing this Gold investment opportunity with friends and family. All you need to do to enjoy this money making opportunity is to refer only two bronze members and you will have your money rolling. Karatbars is also into cryptosystem. It has its own digital currency known as KBC. Its coin value is already growing. It is advisable you invest in their cryptocurrency while it is still affordable. Signup here!

=> FIVERR AFFILIATE: It is very easy to make money with Fiverr. Get paid by driving those traffic to your Fiverr affiliate product and service page. Promote the world's most popular and biggest marketplace for digital services and get paid for it. There are many Fiverr products you can promote and get paid for. Fiverr is for everyone and for every business. You can promote their educational platform where businesses and freelancers can learn and acquire skills from experts. You can also promote Fiverr pro and AndCo. From tech to marketing to design, Fiverr has the solution for every need. As an affiliate, you earn $10 CPA + 10% RevShare or up to $150 CPA in offer. This means you earn $150 CPA on all Fiverr pro services you promote, 30% on all Fiverr learning service you promote and 30% on all ANDCO service you promote. Fiverr offers different commissions ($15-$50) depending on the category your buyer purchases from.

$50 - Whiteboard & Animated Explainers
Video & Animation

Book & eBook Writing - NEW!

Writing & Translation
Architecture & Interior Design - NEW!

Graphics & Design​
Game Development

Programming & Tech

$40 - Website Builders & CMS

Programming & Tech
Mobile Apps & Web

Programming & Tech

Programming & Tech
Web & Mobile Design

Graphics & Design
E-Commerce Development

Programming & Tech

$30 - Web Programming - NEW!

Programming & Tech

Digital Marketing
Website Content - NEW!

Writing & Translation
Proofreading & Editing - NEW!

Writing & Translation
3D Models & Product Design

Graphics & Design
Packaging Design - NEW!

Graphics & Design
Business Plans - NEW!

Data Analysis & Reports

Programming & Tech
Short Video Ads - NEW!

Video & Animation

$25 -  Articles & Blog Posts

Writing & Translation
Virtual Assistant - NEW!


Graphics & Design
E-Commerce Marketing - NEW!

Digital Marketing
Voice Over

Music & Audio

Writing & Translation
Product Descriptions - NEW!

Writing & Translation

$15 on all other categories.

Now you can see that Feverr covers almost everything you can find in the digital marketplace. Signup here.

=> GAINROCK AFFILIATE: This is one good way to earn passive income by getting paid for every referral you get. There are many ways to earn with Gainrock as an affiliate. You can get paid  30% commission for every affiliate you bring in, 10% monthly commission every time marketers order content services from one of their services and $50 for every website or blog owner you refer to buy any of their SEO services. They are well known for their SEO service. This will make your earning easier, as it is a popular SEO service company you can work with. Signup here.

===> These few listed are my favorite and they are very reliable too. When more are discovered, they will be updated here. But remember, it is not compulsory you register as an affiliate with all companies online. Even with the few you know, use them to fatten your wallet.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Ways To Make Real Extra Money In 2020 (Side Hustle)
     Life is full of money making opportunities. But you must know this, that an opportunity is only useful and meaningful to the one who is prepared. To the unprepared fellow, an opportunity is seeing as a normal life occurrence. To some, every life occurrence is an opportunity to make money. In this case, I would say, opportunities are everywhere. Many have read books on how to become rich, how to make money, how to create wealth, and so on. How about the other group of people who have always believed that the best way to become rich is to hustle harder, in simple term, hard work is the key to riches. Forgive me, but if this was true, Africa as a continent would be the richest. With limited technology, hard work has always been the one solution to attain results in Africa. So, to an extend, everything you believe about how to make money is true, but not 100% true. And if you learn from the billionaires, they don't have only one source of income. They understand the side hustle language better. Although you have a major source of income, but you also have other means of generating revenue. That is what we will be talking about in this post. I might not cover a complete list of side hustles. And after reading through, you can also suggest more options for our readers using the comment box below.
Make money, money making, finance, how to make money

Also read >>> List of high paying affiliate programs and how to make money in affiliate marketing
 List Of Ways To Make Extra cash

=> Mini importation: This is a very lucrative way to make money with Ecommerce. This particular way will benefit mainly the African nations. There are so many inventions that are not common to the whole world, especially a continent like Africa. I heard of a guy in Nigeria who did online shopping on one of these Asian online stores. He bought an item related to auto accessories, worth 8 Yuan without the shipment fee. But when this got to Nigeria, he sold it for 259 Yuan. It is not compulsory you start this business with a huge amount of money. Mini importation can be very lucrative. All you need do is know your targeted audience and understand what they want. Also be informed about what is trending. Now, search for some cheap Asian ecommerce stores, create an account and shop for your desired items. Don't forget to buy online the quality items. To know the quality items, click the items to read customers reviews and product ratings. To stay on the safer side, go with 5 stars rated items, and at least 94% rating. Alibaba is a very good Asian online store that accepts international buyers, but it is expensive. From what I see, many other cheap Chinese shopping websites are being owned now by Alibaba. The cheapest and my favorite is .It has very cheap items you can shop for. Do you know another cheap and reliable online store in Asia that accepts international buyers?

=> Selling Of Domain Names: This side hustle is not known to many. I must tell you that this pays. Buying and selling of domain names is one online business that can never be affected by the world's economy. In this present world, the virtual world is proving to be the determining factor to many businesses success. For this reason, many business owners are moving their businesses online. And you know, you cannot exist online as a business without an identity, as this is what people will know you for. This is where the need for a domain name comes in. This also means, the need for domain names will always arise. Many have cash in on this. Check out the list of some domains that were sold some years ago: for $30M in 2019, for $17M in 2015, for $12M in 2008, for $11M in 2001, for $5.1M in 2000, for $12,000, for $18,000, for $12,000, etc. You can see more latest domain sales by doing some Google search on this keywords "domain sales". If you are good at word combination, then you are just a step to riches.

=> Blogging: Many are familiar with this, but only a few number of bloggers are successful. Blogging is very lucrative, believe me. is not my first blog. It is one of my new blogs. I can boldly tell you that, if you blog the right way, you can make at least $800 per month. I know a blogger who is making up to $10,000 per month blogging. I have also seeing a blog on personal finance blog that makes a $100,000 per month blogging. To make this possible, I wrote a post on How to create a blog that drives traffic and makes money for you   . You can also tap into this stream of income.

=> Digital marketing: You can also become a digital marketer and get paid to promote companies brands. This can be done in many ways. As an influencer, there are many agencies that can connect you with advertisers or brands. You also can pitch a proposal to brands with an offer to help increase their brand visibility online via social media or blogging. If you do not have a blog, no problem. Just work to increase your Instagram and Twitter followers, Facebook friends and followers, etc. You can get paid to share short post about a brand with your follows. This is like making money by doing what you love to do.

=> Investment: To grow your money, the best way is to invest it. Be careful. In the course of growing or increasing money, many have lost it all. Business is all about risk, but be wise. It is better to risk wisely and earn little than to risk and lose all. Don't go for get rich quick scheme, where you invest your money and you are promised to have it multiplied withing the shortest days. You can invest in cryptocurrency by buying Bitcoin, Etherium and others. You can also invest in Real Gold as the value for gold does not fluctuates like that of dollar. This way, you are saving for the future.
 Businessman, Money, Plan, T Watering

=> Affiliate marketing: Many businesses offer you the opportunity of making money by having a share of the revenue the company generates through sales. You are expected to play a role in these sales. For this reason, you are proffered the opportunity to be an affiliate. In some affiliate programs, you will be provided with your personal website that is connected to the products or services. It becomes your duty to direct or drive potential or targeted audience to that page to generate sales or leads. Depending on the agreed percentage, you get paid for each sales generated during this process. Affiliate marketing is easier when you have an effective marketing platform, like a blog or website. But you can be successful without any of these. If you have a good audience on social media, or you are good at marketing, you can also generate sales offline. With your bucket, you can also fetch from this pool. There are many affiliate programs online with good CPA, CPC, CPS offers. From my list of favorite affiliate programs, I will recommend Karatbars gold investment and KCK capital agent program. You can also promote weight loss products and earn huge income. Don't forget that about 80% women want to look slim. This makes your marketing easier, especially on social media. Register with Lose A Pound Daily to start making money s an affiliate. The revenue generated here is very huge. To register with KCK Capital as an agent, on their page, scroll down page to the page footer and click on "AGENT REGISTRATION" link to register.Have you heard of FIVERR? Their affiliate program is very attractive. Don't miss out on their money making opportunity.
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Sunday, 7 June 2020

The Dos And Don'ts Of Financial Success In A Business
     In the world of finance, there are rules to follow to keep one financially afloat. In the path to success, many have fainted, many gave up and just a few made it to the end. Even in this END that seems to some as the final stage, to others it the beginning of a greater height. From my understanding, education has a lot to play though, but it is definitely not the key to financial success. Having a college degree is an advantage, but there is more to this than it seems to you. Down here in Africa, there are many known top richest people that did not study in any college. They had no education. Oh yes, the same question hit my mind too. There must be a TRUTH one needs to know, understand and follow. In the absence of this truth, many business owners, in attempt to build or grow their businesses, took business loans, even with laid out plans, still got it all wrong. While other individuals, with little capital and with just few steps, hit the bull's eye. This left some thoughts ringing in my head, pondering and chewing over possible causes of these irregularities or differences in the journey to financial success. To the spiritual folks, it is believed that the spiritual controls the physical. When one is not spiritually connected, your finance is affected. I don't think this is true in all cases, as many business owners are not connected to any spiritual belief (atheist) or spiritually conscious, and are still financially buoyant. This brings me to the view point that a good college degree and spirituality are not all it takes to be financially successful.
 Business startup

     From my understanding, success is a LIFE and to exist in such a life, you must live its lifestyle. It is very much connected with the mindset. In most times, having the right mind towards your business can really hand your business a boost. It is a life for the educated and non educated, the spiritual and non spiritual. In this life, you are to watch what you buy and how you buy, how you spend and what you spend on, how you save and what you are saving for, what you invest on and how you invest, what you think and how you think it, etc. When you miss one of these steps, others can be shaken. All it takes is discipline for you to thrive in this lifestyle. This article is also for bloggers, as blogging can be a very lucrative business too. Don't forget that many are making at least $10k per month from blogging. I know of a blog that makes $100k per month blogging. This post is for everyone. Below are things you should and shouldn't do. 

=> Do not be too quick to live on your business profit
   This simple and righteous looking act has made many businesses stagnant, and also has caused the fall of many too. I called it righteous as it may seem right to many business owners to use their early stage business profits to pay workers, pay bills, and also cover other business expenses. Come on, isn't this too much for a new business to handle. I remember when I told my brother these same words, first, he got it mixed up. I had to explain it deeper. I will give you this business advice. With the exception of your business capital, you can also have money to cover your workers payments, bills and business expenses for at least 3 months and allow your profit to grow for these few months. These helps you measure your business growth and also control your spending too. It does a lot to your mindset towards your business.

=> Before you make the move, keep all the dots connected
   This is for the person who wants to kickstart a business. You must be careful with your approach and attitude too. You can ask those who have failed in their attempts to be financially independent. Some had focus but no determination. While some had focus and determination, but no energy to power their determination. There are many sources of energy. In this case, PASSION can also serve as your source of energy. If you can keep your focus, determination and passion connected, you will dine on the moon.

=> Don't risk a business you do not understand 
   Don't approach a business without making thorough research to know its rudiments and possible loss that can be incurred. In most cases, people venture into a business because they are following the crowd of successful folks. It is not a bad idea. But be careful. Did you try to find out the challenges they faced on their way to the top? Many fell into a pit, but fortunately, there was someone there to help them out. Do you think it will be the same with you? Why don't you ask that fellow to share his early experiences in his business journey. What if the person risked a 1000 dollars to start, but you can start that same business with half the price? And what if it is vice versa? And what if you choose to follow Mr A's way to do that business and it later turns out that there was a better, cheaper and easier way to have done that same business and be more successful? What if the old approach to the early stage of the business is no more favorable? What if....? This can continue. In a nutshell, don't risk a business you do not understand. And if you must risk it, then be sure to do a thorough research about the business. Everything is worth risking for, but risk wisely.

=> Save before you spend
   I want to talk to those who are running a savings account with a bank. It is a wise think to save. With online banking, it has become very simple handle transactions without going to the bank. You definitely will need this to raise capital for your dream business. In attempt to save for business, many failed because missed it. If you are a salary earner, I will advise you do not spend a dime from your salary before you save. Remember, your monthly savings should not be a remainder of your salary, after your spending. Human wants are endless, and needs are numerous too. If you settle your needs first before saving, there is every tendency that your savings will be affected negatively. First, remove the targeted amount for savings. After that, you can do all your spending. Some people have great business ideas but no capital to execute these ideas. Although there are loans companies that can help you with a business loan or business startup loan to help bring your dream to existence. But if you choose to do it your way through saving up to raise capital, then this tip is for you.

=> Success requires the right mindset
   If Mr B could make it big financially with his ice cream business, you can too. It is not always about how little a business is, but how well you can do that business. If you can know your business, have a focus, determination with passion and know your audience (targeted audience), you are bound to thrive. It does not matter how many people are in this line of business. Don't forget, no matter the number of stars in the sky, or how big and bright the sun and moon are, the sky can still accommodate more stars. You just need to know those who need your light. Don't be afraid to fail or else, you will be afraid to succeed. Approach success with the right mindset and you will overcome all obstacles with ease. 

What other business or financial tips do you know? I will welcome it. You can share your pieces of advice using below comment box.