Ways To Make Real Extra Money In 2020 (Side Hustle)

Life is full of money making opportunities. But you must know this, that an opportunity is only useful and meaningful to the one who is prepared. To the unprepared fellow, an opportunity is seeing as a normal life occurrence. To some, every life occurrence is an opportunity to make money. In this case, I would say, opportunities are everywhere. Many have read books on how to become rich, how to make money, how to create wealth, and so on. How about the other group of people who have always believed that the best way to become rich is to hustle harder, in simple term, hard work is the key to riches. Forgive me, but if this was true, Africa as a continent would be the richest. With limited technology, hard work has always been the one solution to attain results in Africa. So, to an extend, everything you believe about how to make money is true, but not 100% true. And if you learn from the billionaires, they don’t have only one source of income. They understand the side hustle language better. Although you have a major source of income, but you also have other means of generating revenue. That is what we will be talking about in this post. I might not cover a complete list of side hustles. And after reading through, you can also suggest more options for our readers using the comment box below.

List Of Ways To Make Extra cash

=> Mini importation: This is a very lucrative way to make money with Ecommerce. This particular way will benefit mainly the African nations. There are so many inventions that are not common to the whole world, especially a continent like Africa. I heard of a guy in Nigeria who did online shopping on one of these Asian online stores. He bought an item related to auto accessories, worth 8 Yuan without the shipment fee. But when this got to Nigeria, he sold it for 259 Yuan. It is not compulsory you start this business with a huge amount of money. Mini importation can be very lucrative. All you need do is know your targeted audience and understand what they want. Also be informed about what is trending. Now, search for some cheap Asian ecommerce stores, create an account and shop for your desired items. Don’t forget to buy online the quality items. To know the quality items, click the items to read customers reviews and product ratings. To stay on the safer side, go with 5 stars rated items, and at least 94% rating. Alibaba is a very good Asian online store that accepts international buyers, but it is expensive. From what I see, many other cheap Chinese shopping websites are being owned now by Alibaba. The cheapest and my favorite is 1688.com .It has very cheap items you can shop for. Do you know another cheap and reliable online store in Asia that accepts international buyers?

=> Selling Of Domain Names: This side hustle is not known to many. I must tell you that this pays. Buying and selling of domain names is one online business that can never be affected by the world’s economy. In this present world, the virtual world is proving to be the determining factor to many businesses success. For this reason, many business owners are moving their businesses online. And you know, you cannot exist online as a business without an identity, as this is what people will know you for. This is where the need for a domain name comes in. This also means, the need for domain names will always arise. Many have cash in on this. Check out the list of some domains that were sold some years ago: Voice.com for $30M in 2019, 360.com for $17M in 2015, Funds.com for $12M in 2008, Hotels.com for $11M in 2001, AsSeenOnTv.com for $5.1M in 2000, UpTeam.com for $12,000, MedicalCoverage.com for $18,000, MedicalBills.com for $12,000, etc. You can see more latest domain sales by doing some Google search on this keywords “domain sales”. If you are good at word combination, then you are just a step to riches.

=> Blogging: Many are familiar with this, but only a few number of bloggers are successful. Blogging is very lucrative, believe me. Blogmeloud.com is not my first blog. It is one of my new blogs. I can boldly tell you that, if you blog the right way, you can make at least $800 per month. I know a blogger who is making up to $10,000 per month blogging. I have also seeing a blog on personal finance blog that makes a $100,000 per month blogging. To make this possible, I wrote a post on How to create a blog that drives traffic and makes money for you   . You can also tap into this stream of income.

=> Digital marketing: You can also become a digital marketer and get paid to promote companies brands. This can be done in many ways. As an influencer, there are many agencies that can connect you with advertisers or brands. You also can pitch a proposal to brands with an offer to help increase their brand visibility online via social media or blogging. If you do not have a blog, no problem. Just work to increase your Instagram and Twitter followers, Facebook friends and followers, etc. You can get paid to share short post about a brand with your follows. This is like making money by doing what you love to do.

=> Investment: To grow your money, the best way is to invest it. Be careful. In the course of growing or increasing money, many have lost it all. Business is all about risk, but be wise. It is better to risk wisely and earn little than to risk and lose all. Don’t go for get rich quick scheme, where you invest your money and you are promised to have it multiplied withing the shortest days. You can invest in cryptocurrency by buying Bitcoin, Etherium and others. You can also invest in Real Gold as the value for gold does not fluctuates like that of dollar. This way, you are saving for the future.

=> Affiliate marketing: Many businesses offer you the opportunity of making money by having a share of the revenue the company generates through sales. You are expected to play a role in these sales. For this reason, you are proffered the opportunity to be an affiliate. In some affiliate programs, you will be provided with your personal website that is connected to the products or services. It becomes your duty to direct or drive potential or targeted audience to that page to generate sales or leads. Depending on the agreed percentage, you get paid for each sales generated during this process. Affiliate marketing is easier when you have an effective marketing platform, like a blog or website. But you can be successful without any of these. If you have a good audience on social media, or you are good at marketing, you can also generate sales offline. With your bucket, you can also fetch from this pool. There are many affiliate programs online with good CPA, CPC, CPS offers. From my list of favorite affiliate programs, I will recommend Karatbars gold investment and KCK capital agent program. You can also promote weight loss products and earn huge income. Don’t forget that about 80% women want to look slim. This makes your marketing easier, especially on social media. Register with Lose A Pound Daily to start making money s an affiliate. The revenue generated here is very huge. To register with KCK Capital as an agent, on their page, scroll down page to the page footer and click on “AGENT REGISTRATION” link to register.Have you heard of FIVERR? Their affiliate program is very attractive. Don’t miss out on their money making opportunity.

I hope this list of side hustles will take your finance to a higher level.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Financial Success In A Business

In the world of finance, there are rules to follow to keep one financially afloat. In the path to success, many have fainted, many gave up and just a few made it to the end. Even in this END that seems to some as the final stage, to others it the beginning of a greater height. From my understanding, education has a lot to play though, but it is definitely not the key to financial success. Having a college degree is an advantage, but there is more to this than it seems to you. Down here in Africa, there are many known top richest people that did not study in any college. They had no education. Oh yes, the same question hit my mind too. There must be a TRUTH one needs to know, understand and follow. In the absence of this truth, many business owners, in attempt to build or grow their businesses, took business loans, even with laid out plans, still got it all wrong. While other individuals, with little capital and with just few steps, hit the bull’s eye. This left some thoughts ringing in my head, pondering and chewing over possible causes of these irregularities or differences in the journey to financial success. To the spiritual folks, it is believed that the spiritual controls the physical. When one is not spiritually connected, your finance is affected. I don’t think this is true in all cases, as many business owners are not connected to any spiritual belief (atheist) or spiritually conscious, and are still financially buoyant. This brings me to the view point that a good college degree and spirituality are not all it takes to be financially successful.

From my understanding, success is a LIFE and to exist in such a life, you must live its lifestyle. It is very much connected with the mindset. In most times, having the right mind towards your business can really hand your business a boost. It is a life for the educated and non educated, the spiritual and non spiritual. In this life, you are to watch what you buy and how you buy, how you spend and what you spend on, how you save and what you are saving for, what you invest on and how you invest, what you think and how you think it, etc. When you miss one of these steps, others can be shaken. All it takes is discipline for you to thrive in this lifestyle. This article is also for bloggers, as blogging can be a very lucrative business too. Don’t forget that many are making at least $10k per month from blogging. I know of a blog that makes $100k per month blogging. This post is for everyone. Below are things you should and shouldn’t do.

=> Do not be too quick to live on your business profit
This simple and righteous looking act has made many businesses stagnant, and also has caused the fall of many too. I called it righteous as it may seem right to many business owners to use their early stage business profits to pay workers, pay bills, and also cover other business expenses. Come on, isn’t this too much for a new business to handle. I remember when I told my brother these same words, first, he got it mixed up. I had to explain it deeper. I will give you this business advice. With the exception of your business capital, you can also have money to cover your workers payments, bills and business expenses for at least 3 months and allow your profit to grow for these few months. These helps you measure your business growth and also control your spending too. It does a lot to your mindset towards your business.

=> Before you make the move, keep all the dots connected
This is for the person who wants to kickstart a business. You must be careful with your approach and attitude too. You can ask those who have failed in their attempts to be financially independent. Some had focus but no determination. While some had focus and determination, but no energy to power their determination. There are many sources of energy. In this case, PASSION can also serve as your source of energy. If you can keep your focus, determination and passion connected, you will dine on the moon.

=> Don’t risk a business you do not understand 
Don’t approach a business without making thorough research to know its rudiments and possible loss that can be incurred. In most cases, people venture into a business because they are following the crowd of successful folks. It is not a bad idea. But be careful. Did you try to find out the challenges they faced on their way to the top? Many fell into a pit, but fortunately, there was someone there to help them out. Do you think it will be the same with you? Why don’t you ask that fellow to share his early experiences in his business journey. What if the person risked a 1000 dollars to start, but you can start that same business with half the price? And what if it is vice versa? And what if you choose to follow Mr A’s way to do that business and it later turns out that there was a better, cheaper and easier way to have done that same business and be more successful? What if the old approach to the early stage of the business is no more favorable? What if….? This can continue. In a nutshell, don’t risk a business you do not understand. And if you must risk it, then be sure to do a thorough research about the business. Everything is worth risking for, but risk wisely.

=> Save before you spend
I want to talk to those who are running a savings account with a bank. It is a wise think to save. With online banking, it has become very simple handle transactions without going to the bank. You definitely will need this to raise capital for your dream business. In attempt to save for business, many failed because missed it. If you are a salary earner, I will advise you do not spend a dime from your salary before you save. Remember, your monthly savings should not be a remainder of your salary, after your spending. Human wants are endless, and needs are numerous too. If you settle your needs first before saving, there is every tendency that your savings will be affected negatively. First, remove the targeted amount for savings. After that, you can do all your spending. Some people have great business ideas but no capital to execute these ideas. Although there are loans companies that can help you with a business loan or business startup loan to help bring your dream to existence. But if you choose to do it your way through saving up to raise capital, then this tip is for you.

=> Success requires the right mindset
If Mr B could make it big financially with his ice cream business, you can too. It is not always about how little a business is, but how well you can do that business. If you can know your business, have a focus, determination with passion and know your audience (targeted audience), you are bound to thrive. It does not matter how many people are in this line of business. Don’t forget, no matter the number of stars in the sky, or how big and bright the sun and moon are, the sky can still accommodate more stars. You just need to know those who need your light. Don’t be afraid to fail or else, you will be afraid to succeed. Approach success with the right mindset and you will overcome all obstacles with ease.