Saturday, 29 June 2019

For Nigeria- How To Block Your Stolen ATM Card Immediately With Any Available Phone

Good news for all Nigerians! Now you can quickly block your stolen or misplaced ATM card with any phone, either yours or someone's. This is amazing!

Due to high or increased rate of theft, and the risk people face to move around with their ATM cards, a solution has been provided for Nigerians. There has been too many complaints from victims of stolen ATM cards, where many have also been robbed of their ATM cards at gun point. My friend in Lagos, Nigeria, was a victim of this. It is common in the society and a solution has been provided for Nigerians to help block account from any further Debit Transaction. After this, bank account owner can walk to his bank and reactivate the blocked account.

The message went viral again over the weekend and in case youyou missed the news, is bring the news to you.

The steps to follow:
1. Dial *966*911# instantly from any available phone.
2. You will be prompted to enter your Bank Account Number.
3. Once you enter the Account Number, any further Debit Transaction on the Account will be blocked. 

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