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Reviews On Top 10 Best Web Hosting With Service Comparisons

Reviews From Customers On Top 10 Best Web Hosting With Service Comparisons

It is one thing to own a domain name and website for your online business, and it is another thing to host your website with a web hosting company. Choosing the best web hosting service or company for a website or blog is where many website or online business owners have got it wrong. Choosing the wrong hosting company will go a long way in affecting your business performance or presence online.  Some users prefer cheap web hosting providers and web hosting companies that also offer web hosting coupons as well,  while others seek quality rather than price. But for some users, they consider the following criteria: speed, performance, reliability, friendliness and tech knowledge.
There are hundreds of different web hosting providers on the internet. For this reason, it can be very difficult to choose which ones are best for your business. Despite the multiple options to choose from, there are many of these web hosting providers that stand out from the competition, and this is due to web hosting company's online reputation for excellence, positive users feedbacks and a commitment to quality and cheap pricing. Among our top 10 web hosting services are some popular names many are familiar with, these are Hostgator, Siteground, GoDaddy and Bluehost. In our today's review of  top 10 web hosting providers, we will be talking on their features, benefits, and other important facts about these providers, as well as their major pricing plans and performance ratings. Below are reviews on some web hosting services.
Top 10 Webhosting Providers
1) HostGator
It is reviewed as one of the oldest web hosting providers on the internet. Hostgator is considered one of the best web hosting providers, offering speedy and reliable service, plenty of different pricing options, and choices for both cloud and regular hosting service. Hostgator offers a service that is considered by many to be fast, reliable, and secure. This web hosting company also offers shared plans that start at less than 5 dollars per month, with premium plans that renew at $12 per month — and it can be less if you use their coupons or sign up for the annual plan. Their customer service is responsive and reliable, and their reputation as a secure source of hosting has been upheld for many years. With coupons, discounts, and promos for just about every type of website, Hostgator is considered one of the best web hosting providers by many customers.
2) SiteGround
Siteground hosting company is considered to be another very good and reliable web hosting provider, with their services ranging from Joomla to WordPress to regular web hosting and more. It is known for its speedy service and security. Siteground offers affordable web hosting plans starting at $4 per month to $12 per month for the higher range web hosting options. You can also pay yearly and receive a discount on your annual fees. Signing up with Siteground ensures that you’ll gain access to the latest speed technology for web hosting as well as high quality security and tech support. They are tagged reliable by customers.
3) JustHost
As the implies, JustHost! Justhost offers very cheap and affordable web hosting plans and starts at just $3 per month, with its initial website hosting plans being very affordable and easy to set up. It is beginners choice. With a cPanel powered control panel, instant setup, shopping carts for e-commerce, a ton of templates and site builder, and even built in domain name registration, this service is one of the best for web hosts on the market. Justhost offers friendly, reliable support, speedy performance times, over 500 different applications, easy server management, shared and regular web hosting for businesses, and solid state drive plans. They also provide unlimited bandwidth, as well as secure backups done on a daily basis. What more can one ask for.
4) BlueHost
Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting providers on the market. Offering affordable and reliable plans, this web hosting company provides round the clock support from experts who are trained in-house staff, as well as WordPress hosting made simple, the company offers a refund policy and money back guarantee that lets you try them out with no risk involved. Bluehost also offers a number of advanced tech options such as content delivery networks and secure virtual networking technology, ensuring that your site stays protected at all times. Just what every webmaster wants to hear.
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5) WPEngine
This hosting company is specially designed primarily to give owners of WordPress based sites hosting solution. WPEngine offers speedy technology, content delivery networks, and a number of specialized wordpress options that let you deliver content to your customers at speedy loading times. You’ll be able to scale your business faster than ever with their managed wordpress monthly plans, or using one of the yearly subscriptions that saves in the long run. WordPress users will love this.
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6) DreamHost
Dreamhost offers a number of different website hosting plans, including a special click to edit website builder called Remixer. With Dreamhost, you will be able to quickly build a site on a secure and scalable platform, creating your business from the scratch. Dreamhost is both reliable and affordable, giving you speedy and quick service if you get stuck at any point while building your site. It is reliable and considered one of the best web hosting service on the internet.
7) InMotion Hosting
InMotion is a US based web hosting company, that offers very cheap web hosting service. Customers can get free domains and also enjoy discount about 57% off their normal shared web hosting plan using free domains, free cpanel for server management, and more. The company offers plenty of different plans to let you save money while setting up your site, as well as top transfer service if you need to migrate your domains from one service to the other. InMotion offers services that many web hosting companies do not offer.
8) GreenGeeks
GreenGeeks is one of the top environmentally-friendly, performance-heavy web hosting services on the market. Offering secure and wide solutions, GreenGeeks uses special wind based power to allow users to take advantage of their socially responsible, sustainable web tech. With GreenGeeks, you’ll receive great web hosting service while knowing that you are doing something to help the environment. Their customer service is also very helpful and friendly, offering advice and support around the clock. They are always ready to listen to you.
9) iPage
Offering wide hosting solutions for new or small site owners, iPage offers some of the cheapest plans available. With pricing that starts at just $1.99 per month, iPage gives you the ability to quickly set up a site and get your blog or business off the ground. It’s important to keep in mind that their service is somewhat limited, but as you add features and go up in costs a bit, you’ll find that your options grow. Considered one of the best plans for those new to web hosting. As a member, you will also enjoy huge discount. 
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10) Godaddy
Known by its customers as a provider of domain name service, Godaddy is quickly gaining ground as a provider of web hosting as well. GoDaddy is one of the best and cheapest domain name registrars online. While not as fast or reliable in web hosting as Hostgator or Dreamhost, Godaddy does offer a basic monthly web hosting choices that allows you to set up your site and get it built using cPanel and other industry standard tools. They offer regular discounts and coupons as well. If you ask me, they have the domain name coupons.
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The above listed top 10 web hosting providers offer some of the best services and support you can find on the internet. With a number of different plans for website owners of all budget ranges and needs, most of these plans offer coupons that let you enjoy huge discounts on web hosting. This will help you save money when choosing from one of the top providers of web hosting services for your online business.
COMPARISONS: Above are reviews made by customers. From above reviews, we have drawn some comparisons to make it easier for our readers. Your reviews will also be accepted via comment box below.
Justhost vs. Godaddy
In comparing Justhost vs. Godaddy, we found that Justhost repeatedly turned out to be the better option in web hosting service. Their user interface is much more friendly to both beginner and experienced web masters, while Godady is hard to navigate and tends to be more costly when you add all the necessary features to keep your site secure. In addition, Justhost builds in aspects of web hosting service like unlimited bandwidth, space, and email access as part of their basic package. For Godaddy, you have to pay extra to get access to these features you can enjoy free from JustHost. Despite this, GoDaddy is preferred to some other providers.
Hostgator vs. Dreamhost
Doing a basic speed test of Hostgator vs. Dreamhost puts the two fairly close in terms of overall ping time, with Hostgator proving to be a bit faster. Hostgator also offers superior customer service and features, including cPanel, custom cron jobs, and a selection of plans and pricing that are easy for anyone to set up and get started with. Hostgator proves to be a superior web hosting service and is rated very highly in our customers reviews and recommendations.
Godaddy vs iPage
Godaddy proved to be slightly faster and more reliable than iPage, but ultimately iPage won out in our test due to their more affordable pricing structure. Since iPage offers more or less the same features that Godaddy does, we give them a slightly higher recommendation. For the cheap or affordable pricing structure, iPage is better.
WPEngine vs. InMotion Hosting
For pure WordPress sites, WPEngine wins out. Their service offers a specialized content delivery network that is one of the best on the market. Thanks to this technology, WPEngine is able to deliver unique versions of your site to visitors in various locations around the world, improving site quality and loading times. InMotion Hosting lacks this unique feature, and for this reason we rank them lower than WPEngine in terms of pure WordPress sites.
However, WPEngine doesn’t offer a non-Wordpress option, so you’ll have to go with InMotion (or another service) if you are looking for a different CMS to host your website.
Justhost vs. GreenGeeks
Justhost repeatedly ranks as one of our top choices in terms of speed, customer service, and affordable pricing. With a performance rating that outranks GreenGeeks by 45%, the company also includes a number of features such as site-wide security and backups, added FTP and encryption support, and email accounts in unlimited supply — as well as unlimited bandwidth as part of each package. While GreenGeeks does offer several good features like environmentally friendly hosting and site uptime, they repeatedly lacked in customer service and didn’t supply the same level of tech support and speed. For this reason, JustHost wins again.
Bluehost vs. iPage
In comparing iPage and Bluehost, we found that these two providers are fairly comparable. Both offer low prices for their basic web hosting plans, which allow you to maintain one domain and site for your first package. As you add features or upgrade, you’ll find that you can put more subdomains and add additional sites to your package. This costs a bit more (up to $12 monthly if you go with the monthly payment play) but gives you several more features such as custom cron jobs, access to FTP and file management, and unlimited storage space. Just what webmasters are looking for. They also provide SSD server technology for both providers, making these two about equal in terms of service and reliability. It is hard to give it to one and leave the other. So, it is 50-50. It is fair enough.
Siteground vs. WPEngine
While WPEngine is a very good hosting company, they are restricted in their offers for other types of sites. Siteground, on the other hand, allows you to maintain joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, or any other type of content management you’d like to add to your site. On the whole, Siteground is a better service, both in terms of pricing and offers, since you are not restricted to just WordPress. And even if you do pick WordPress as your CMS, Siteground still offers a very good package starting at just $6 per month for the standard shared plan. So, SiteGround wins this.
Hostgator vs. InMotion Hosting
Once again, Hostgator proves its ability to outrank the competition due to superior customer service, stable loading times, and great reliability. When we put the same site up on both servers, we found that Hostgator’s version loaded faster, proved to be more reliable and stable, and stayed secure even when an attempted malware attack was being made on it. The company notified us quickly when the site was compromised, allowing us to quickly restore to an earlier version and secure our site. This is how reliable they can be.
GreenGeeks vs. Dreamhost
GreenGeeks is typically a great choice for web masters who want a socially responsible and affordable choice. Dreamhost is also quite reliable and stable, but doesn’t have quite as fast load times and requires extra payment for the same features that you’ll get with Greengeeks for no extra charge. In addition, we found the customer service with Greengeeks to be very supportive and helpful, answering our questions and resolving all issues quickly and easily. So, we are giving this to GreenGeeks.
WPEngine vs. iPage
While these two companies offer very different services, they both provide WordPress options. You’ll pay a bit more for WPEngine but get superior WordPress service thanks to the CDN, while iPage will still allow you to quickly build a good-looking site using their site building software, WordPress or otherwise. You’ll be able to save money if you select iPage, while adding a bit of monthly cost will allow you to set up a stable, secure WordPress site if you select WPEngine. For WordPress users, WPEngine wins this.
In comparing these hosts, you’ll be able to determine which one suits your needs best. To make things easier for you, we have run test on some of these providers. In the end, we recommend Hostgator, Siteground, and Justhost the top recommendations thanks to their superior service and pricing options. We give each of these companies a 5 stars rating and we recommend them as our top providers. Now you can grow your online business with them.

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