Saturday, 23 February 2019

Nigeria Politics: 2015 Prophecy About 2019 Election Might Likely Happen

      With quest for power and wealth, politics in Nigeria has gone sour. For this reason, every acting leader wants to use eight years before leaving the seat. Ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan's case was different as he was defeated by the present Nigeria president, Mohammadu Buhari. Before this victory, a prophecy was given on social media, which really happened as prophesied. The killings by the herdsmen was also parts of the prophecy. The below photos tells it all.

Now Nigerians, let's see if the rest of the prophecy will come to pass. There are two most powerful and most popular political parties in Nigeria, similar to the United States of America where Democrats and Republicans are the two reigning political parties. And in today's election, 23rd February, 2019, we have witnessed a very peaceful election in almost all 36 states in Nigeria. And we hope this peace continues after the result is been announced.

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