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FC Barcelona: Why Ernesto V. Is Not The Coach For Barca

In this Messi's era, with or without a good coach, Barca still looks like a formidable and almost an indomitable team. The talisman has shown in many ways that he is the greatest of all time with his outstanding performances in almost all football competitions. Without Messi in the Barca team, under Ernesto, the team looks more like a newly promoted team with no leader. This has been proven in different games played without Messi. 

If you ask me, Barca is the simplest team to coach, as the team has a specific style of football that dominates, and they work with a particular philosophy. A coach who understands this philosophy will flow perfectly with the team to success. With this, even an average player will look like a good player. But when you coach outside of this, you will struggle with the team. And this is what Ernesto is doing.

My Reasons:

There is no player development - Since he took over the team as manager, no player has developed under him. Under the former manager, Luis Enrique, Roberto became a utility player, that could play perfectly in any position. The present lazy and fat Luis Suarez was a dangerous world class striker. The team could win some important matches without Messi e.g.  Away match against Real Madrid, where Messi was on the bench and Barca scored 3 goals without Messi on the pitch. Right now, the team is nothing without Messi because there's been no player development. This is why a player like Coutinho could not improve under Ernesto.

La Masia Is Neglected - 
Yes! You heard me right. Barca has a philosophy that guides them and La masia is the best place any player can learn this system perfectly. Sometimes I wonder why a team known for building and producing world class players from their academy will prefer to work with outsiders who know nothing about the team's philosophy. In today's away match against Sevilla in the league, when Alena was brought in, the whole atmosphere changed. In many games, he has proven himself to be the pride of the present la masia. This implies there are more of his type in the forgotten academy. 

Ernesto Does Not Know How To Change Game - When the team is not doing well in a match, Ernesto does not know who to bring in. In most matches where Barca plays against a team that plays fast football, Roberto is the wrong guy to use in the right wing, as he lacks pace and strength to keep up with the game. But in a case where Ernesto makes the mistake of starting Roberto in such a match, Ernesto finds it hard to make a change e.g. Match against Betis. In the absence of Arthur, Alena is the best option when the team needs flexibility in the midfield. Not Coutinho. 

Also, Ernesto always has issues with player selection. In the match against Sevilla in Copa del rey first leg. Ernesto used Boateng, who arrived the team just few days to the match, along side Malcolm who had sat on the bench, with no play time. He also played Semedo outside his normal position, in Alba's wing. In same match, many players played outside their positions. That match gave Boateng a bad name. That was a match without Messi, wrong players selection and many players played outside their positions.

A team like Barca, fans expect more. Sometimes, some matches results leave me wondering why a team like Barca is suffering. As a fan, what do you think?

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