Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Because Of Lawlessness And Recklessness, Bike Rider Involved In Ghastly Accident At Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos

A ghastly accident took place today Wednesday 30th January, 2019, around 10:20Am, when a reckless motorcyclist almost killed himself while attempting to dodge something that seemed like a lump in front, before making a turn.

The question on many readers mind would probably be, "how did it happen?" 

I am an eyewitness to this. I saw how it all started. The bike rider took a one-way, which was unlawful of him. A car was fast approaching and the bike rider was forced to make a quick U-turn to his left to avoid collision with the fast approaching car. In the cause of doing so, he hit a lump and flew off board. In the process, there was a collision between his shin and the edge of an iron rim by the roadside. This led to a very deep cut in his shin.

While the victim was down, crying for help and for immediate medical attention, as he was bleeding profusely, all passersby stood afar in pity. But not up to 2 minutes after the incident, a patrol van owned by the Lagos state ministry of environment came to his aid and he was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

If he had obeyed the law, I believe he would not have encountered such an accident. This has been many people's comment. So, what's your comment on this?

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