Thursday, 22 November 2018

My Family Disowned Me Because I Am Pregnant For A Muslim Guy. Please What Should I Do?

My name is Charity and I am from the Eastern part of Nigeria, and of course, I am a Christian. I am 34 years old and I am pregnant for a Muslim guy, who is from the Northern part of Nigeria. We love each other so much. But my family have disowned me because of my relationship with a Muslim. Please what should I do?
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AUTHOR'S WORDS: Tracing this whole thing back to our forefathers, it has always been this way. It is believed that the Igbo are descendants of the Jews and the Hausa are of the Arab. In recent years, there has been too many killings of the Igbos in the north. This is believed by many, to have contributed the hatred that exist between the two. It looks almost impossible to find an Igbo who is a Muslim. 90% of the Igbos are Catholic. So, marrying a Muslim looks almost like a taboo. 

Nigeria is diversified in culture and in tradition. Yet, the country is united. With different religions and different beliefs, this country is still united. All these, do not change what goes on between the northern and the eastern parts of Nigeria. 

Charity is my colleague at my place of work. She needs some piece of advice from you. If you were to be in her shoes, what would you do?

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