Monday, 1 January 2018


Nigerians are indeed in the era of change, since Buhari was sworn in as the president of Nigeria. Some call it recession, but I call it change. Before he took over the presidential office, one measure of rice= 150 naira, and after been sworn, a measure became 300 naira. What Nigeria gets in a year from Agriculture cannot feed a country with about 173 million citizens, and stopping importation will definitely place much load on the Nigerian economy.

President Buhari in his New Year speech delivered in a live broadcast this morning, disclosed that the Federal government will stop the importation of rice beginning from this year. As he said, "Two years ago I appealed to people to go back to the land. I am highly gratified that agriculture has picked up, contributing to the government’s effort to re-structure the economy. Rice imports will stop this year. Local rice, fresher and more nutritious will be on our dishes from now on". The big question from Nigerians is, what has been the Federal Government's contribution to the Nigeria Agriculture?
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