Wednesday, 3 January 2018

City Shuttle Over turns In Nairobi's CBD, Many Injured.

- A 56-seater bus overturned on Kenyatta
Avenue after colliding with a saloon car
- The bus was full to capacity and victims
were rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital
- The driver of the saloon car was too
traumatised to exit his vehicle for 20
minutes after the accident
There was a major traffic snarl up on
Kenyatta Avenue after a City Shuttle bus
ferrying passengers overturned next to
the ICEA Lion building.
Five people were injured in the accident
and rushed to the Kenyatta National
Hospital. The accident occurred at
around 6:30 am on Wednesday, January

According to the Kenya Red Cross, one of
the victims was in critical condition and
seven others were admitted with minor
Accident Alert Update that occurred near
ICEA Bldg on Kenyatta Avenue.
Of the 5 people we evacuated to KNH, one
was critical. Nairobi County ambulance
evacuated an additional seven casualties
with minor injuries to KNH #EplusAlert
5:36 AM - Jan 3, 2018
The 56 seater bus collided with a saloon car at
the junction of Kenyatta Avenue and
Muindi Mbingu street.
It was reported the driver of the saloon
car was too traumatised to leave his
vehicle and remained in it for about 20
minutes after the accident.
The bus was full to capacity at the time
of the accident.

The bus was full to capacity when the accident
took place next to ICEA Lion building. 
The accident comes at a time when the
National Transport and Safety Authority
was being questioned about its capability
to carry out its mandate .
Several politician called for the banning
of the NTSA following an increase in
road accidents that claimed over 350
lives in December 2017 alone.

(News source: Tuko)

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