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List of top dofollow directory submission websites with high DA PR

In recent time, many things have changed in the search engine optimization world, as many search engines, such as Google, have changed the way it ranks websites and blogs. In the past, submitting websites to dofollow directories with high domain authority and pagerank was the best way to get ranked by Google and other search engines. This old seo trick increased many websites visibility or presence online and so, attracted search engines to crawl and index such websites. This effective internet marketing trick gave birth to hundreds of top seo services you see online today. Some of these seo companies, with the knowledge of how important this is, offered paid directory submission service to their clients. All thanks to this link building trick, internet marketing seemed easier and driving organic traffic to a website or blog was not difficult. But in all this, while webmasters and online business owners were still living in their dream of an easy internet marketing world, a little complexity was added by the big cats in the search engine world. The whole scene was changed and the scripts were of no relevance anymore. This is what everyone is made to believe about seo in the present internet world. If you say directory submission is no more the determining factor in ranking high in seo, I will agree to an extend. But if you say directory submission is no more an effect seo trick, that I will disagree with you totally. Seo, Internet Marketing, backlinks, link building

Directory submission is one good way to get quality backlinks for your website. Although, it might not be the main factor to rank high, but it is definitely one of the factors to be considered, considering how important backlinks are in seo. There was this time bloggers and webmasters focused 85% of their energy and time on directory and other websites submission for link building and forgot to do the needful, like creating good and relevant contents and proffer solutions to readers or internet users. During this time, many bloggers failed to harness the power of quality and relevant contents, rich in relevant long tail keywords. After this complexity was introduced into seo, bloggers and affiliate marketer's focus was changed and redirected. Many have come to recognize the many benefits of a good, quality and relevant content online. In one of my post on how to make money online with internet marketing , I high-lighted some key ways on how to generate sales in affiliate marketing via content writing. O yes! You heard me right. This is just one of the importance of writing a good and relevant content that offers solution to internet users or readers. Although, it is not the only effective way to make sales or generate leads as an affiliate marketer.

For this reason, many top internet marketing companies or individuals have created internet marketing tools that run on autopilot. Such marketing tools do the jobs for you by marketing your affiliate products and services to a large group of targeted audience to increase sales. Although, it is not free, but you definitely will get your desired results in your affiliate marketing. Many affiliates are not aware of such paid online marketing tools. They only know about seo and link building, content marketing and advertising. And if you fall into this category of people, then, it is very imperative you know and understand everything about seo and stay updated with Google updates on seo, if you want to be successful in internet marketing.

Am I insinuating that link building has no relevancy in seo anymore? Of course not! In fact, without backlinks, your website seo is without a foundation. Your website popularity online is dependent on link building. For this reason, creating backlinks for your website or blog should be in your top 3 seo to-do list e.g. write quality, relevant and rich in keywords contents, make your website or blog mobile friendly and build quality and relevant backlinks for your website.

How to build quality and relevant backlinks: Creating thousands of backlinks for your website does not really count in seo. What counts is your backlinks' relevancy and quality. If you ask me, 50 quality and relevant backlinks is worth more than 5,000 low quality and irrelevant backlinks. Did somebody just ask what quality and relevant backlinks are? I guess I heard that right. Quality backklinks are backlinks you get from linking to websites with high domain authority, high pagerank and good Alexa ranking. While relevant backlinks are backlinks you get from linking to  websites in your niche or related to your niche e.g. A health blog or website should get backlinks from health, wellness and fitness related websites, and not from technology or personal finance related websites. Do you understand now? Just like the real world, the internet also has caucuses. To enjoy the benefits that websites with high DA and PR are enjoying, Google and other top search engines expect your website or blog to be linked to this caucus. It is like having a link with the big cats (king of the jungle) to make you one of the nobles in the jungle. Did you get the message? So, to create quality and relevant backlinks, you will have to submit your website details to top dofollow directories with high da and pr, dofollow social bookmarking websites with high da and pr, dofollow forums with high da and pr, social networks with high da and pr, etc.

Benefits of backlinks in seo: 
The advantages of building backlinks are huge and numerous. Even though Google and other search engines make it look "not the most relevant in seo", its contributions in search engine optimization are of great concern.
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- It drives organic traffic to your website or blog for free.
- It boosts your website or blog visibility online.
- It increases your website traffic by allowing you share in the quality traffic your linked-to websites are getting.
- With your website URL everywhere online, it means high popularity for your website.
- It makes you friends with thousands of search engines. This will boost your SEM (search engine marketing).
- As an affiliate marketer, it increases your sales, as it exposes your affiliate products and services to large potential number of buyers online. With all the legit money making opportunities online, if you are not connected to the right audience, you might not make money online. This is where link building comes into play in seo, as it increases organic traffic to your product or service page.
- As a blogger, this helps you make more money blogging. Sponsors and online companies love to advertise on blogs with quality traffic, high domain authority, high pagerank and good Alexa ranking. With quality and relevant backlinks, all these listed attractive qualities will automatically be attached to your website. This means more money will be made. Oh yes. That's the feeling.
And I can go on with the benefits of link building and like I have said earlier, the benefits are numerous.

List of dofollow directory sites with high domain authority, alexa ranking and pagerank 

Below is a compiled list of dofollow directories to submit to for quality backlinks. Some are free directories and some are paid directories, while some offer both free and paid directory submission. - For blogs -For blogs - For blogs

Is there any omitted dofollow directory with high domain authority and pagerank? Please list them using the comment box below. And please, don't spam the comment with non directory links.

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