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How To Create A Free Privacy Policy Page For Your Blogspot Blog For Free

Do you already have a blog on Blogger CMS? I mean, you do operate a blog on Blogger platform? And did you remember to add a Privacy Policy page? Like seriously, you should do that right now. But if you don't know how to add it to your blog, don't worry. In this post, I am going to share a complete step-by-step guide on how to create a free privacy policy page for your Blogger blog.
Before going further, you should know the importance of adding a privacy policy page to your blog.
Check out Givemereport Privacy Policy Page:

The Importance of a Privacy Policy Page

You must know that Blogger itself does not require a privacy policy page, as it is not compulsory, but it is necessary. If you are blogging for business, it is imperative you have a privacy policy page to help build trust. It is mandatory to add it to your blog if any of the below activities take place on your blog:
  • Collecting user data on your blog (Email, Phone, etc.) via email newsletters
  • Showing advertisements (or using affiliate links) on your blog
  • Analyzing your blog traffic (using Google Analytics)
  • Selling products or services on your blog
  • Doing or accepting guest posts
  • Using any other 3rd party services, etc.
So then, what are you still waiting for? You need to add a privacy policy page to your blog.
No matter whether you are doing any of these things or not, I personally recommend you to add a privacy policy and a Contact Us page to your blogger blog.
I want to believe that the above points are enough to explain the importance of privacy policy in a blog. Now, let us go into how you can add a free privacy policy page to your blogger blog.
How to create a free privacy policy page for your blogspot blog
Well if you ask me, there are numerous free & paid privacy policy generators available on the internet. In this tutorial, I will be using to create our free privacy policy for Blogger. It is very simple and easy.
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Choose a Plan. Since we are creating a free privacy policy for our blog, let’s choose the Basic plan which is free. (You can choose other plans based on your requirements).
Privacy Policy Page Generator For Blogger
Step 3: Now that a plan is chosen, scroll below & enter your blog details.
Website Address: Enter your blog address e.g.
Company Name: If you have registered a Company name for your blog, then you can add your company name (e.g. Givemereport media LLC). If you have not registered any company name, then you can simply enter your blog title e.g. Givemereport Blog
State or Location: Enter the state of your residential address e.g. Lagos, Nigeria.
Policy Effective Date: Add the date from which your privacy policy will be effective. You can use current date if you want.
Check the box sayingI understand & agree to the disclaimer and click on the "Generate Terms free" button.
Step 3: And after the above action, just click on Copy to Clipboard to copy your Privacy Policy.
That's all! You see how simple you can create a privacy policy for your blog? Now let's move to the next step on how to add this privacy policy to your BlogSpot blog.
Step 4: Visit your Blogger dashboard. Create a new page & paste your copied privacy policy in the text area and click "Publish". Your Privacy Policy page is now ready and live! 
I hope you like this step-by-step tutorial. Do you have a privacy policy page on your blog? If Yes, then how you’ve created it? Let me know in the comment section!
P.S. WordPress users can also use for creating free privacy policy & terms of use.

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