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2019 List Of Top 15 Data Recovery Services You Can Work With

Data recovery companies are able to resolve your data loss problems from the relatively easy drive crash to the "all is lost" data recovery, sometimes with the use of data recovery software, but only to resolve logical data loss issues such as accidental deletion or deleted partitions. 
A Data Recovery Company should only charge for recovered data. And most of these data recovery companies provide top data recovery services at affordable prices.
Not all data problems can be fixed with data recovery too. The below are data problems that will require data recovery companies to fix :

- OS upgrade failures

- Firmware failures

- Failures from faulty soldering, faulty components and other manufacturer defects

- Human error such as accidental deletion or dodgy DIY repairs

- Head crashes and other physical or mechanical failures

- Deletions, file corruption, viruses, and other logical failures

- Bad sector failures

- Damage caused by disasters such as drops, breaks, water, fire and power surges

- Any and all physical and logical failures.

What Is A Data Recovery Service?

A data recovery simply involves the recovery of corrupted or lost data or files. So, Data recovery service is a service that specializes in the recovery of lost or corrupted data. It is performed by salvaging data from failed, damaged or corrupted storage devices. A hard drive recovery company or service may use a variety of methods in an attempt to recover the lost data. They can use data recovery software tools, repair damaged drives, and use industry insider techniques to successfully restore the lost or corrupt data that resided on the storage media.

Data loss often happens with no warning and can cripple your device. In some cases, these can result in serious negative impacts on your business .Just remember that when you are faced with a data loss, there are usually three methods you can use to recover your valuable pieces of information:

- Recover from a backup – Performing periodic backups can save you a lot. And when data recovery is needed, it allows you to recover static files or at least return to the last saved version of the lost file.

- Use data recovery software – If the data you wish to recover has not been backed up, data recovery software may be able to perform a restore.

- Employ a data recovery service – In the event that you need to recover data from severely damaged devices or data recovery software is not sufficient, a data recovery service is your last option to go with at this point.

What Lost Data Can’t Be Recovered?

- Most deleted data and files can sometimes be easily recovered. However, if data is erased and the same time overwritten to the same physical storage space, it cannot be recovered in any way. What other situations can’t be resolved:

- When a smart phone has been factory reset, the data cannot be recovered.

- Apple password encryption: currently it is not possible to recover data from any iPhones and iPads that have iOS6 or above installed on them due to Apple’s password encryption. The data recovery firm must have the passcode to be able to recover the data. If the passcode has been forgotten, it’s currently impossible to get access to the media.

In the case of a head crash, the data that once lived where the platters were physically scraped is no longer recoverable.

Device firmware damage: HDD have an operating system. Seagate drives run a Seagate operating system, WD drives run a WD O/S, etc. This is termed firmware or the HDD O/S. This operating system is not the same from drive to drive.

There is some common application code, but there is unique data on them that is critical for user data access. The drive is calibrated in the factory after assembly, and it is measured for uniqueness. These calibrations are known as
adaptives . Many of them live on the platter in a low density area of the disk that also contains the bulk of the HDD O/S. Damage to this area can make recovery of part of the disk impossible.

2019 List Of Top 15 Data Recovery Services You Can Work With:

- Ontrack Data Recovery
- DriveSavers
- Gillware
- Seagate In-Lab Recovery
- SalvageData
- Secure Data
- WeRecoverData
- Disk Doctors
- DataTech Labs
- Data Mechanix
- Qubex
- Desert Data Recovery
- DataRecovery
- Platinum Data Recovery 

Note: There are more data recovery softwares or companies out there you can work with. If your favorite data recovery service is not among my top 15, please drop it in your comment below and I will add it under "More Data Recovery Services You Can Work With".

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