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Free Online Money Making Opportunity: Earn Financial Freedom With KaratBars

Affiliate program is one popular way to make money online, either by percentage or by commission. There are many online money making opportunities, but only few are genuine. And among these, only few of these affiliate programs pay high. In most cases, you either make money online by selling products and services or by referring. Karatbars is one good example of an affiliate program that pays high. 

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Karatbars International is the new hot cake in the internet world which was founded in 2011. Karatbars company specializes in the sale of small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion.

The headquarters and the logistics center of Karatbars International is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communication, execution and delivery of orders. Headquarters also co-ordinates the opening of new offices in different countries throughout Europe.

Deliveries in smaller quantities are packaged under video surveillance at the headquarters of Karatbars International, and shipped daily via FedEx.

Partner Shipment Companies:

Gold Production:
Nadir Gold (Turkey),


  • July 2018

    Pre-ICO (4 July – 4 September). Application for the licensing of KARATCOIN BANK. Acquisition of a majority share of the KARATGOLD EXCHANGE. Integration of the KARATCOIN BANK COIN in the KARATGOLD eWallet
  • August 2018

    Integration of the KARATCOIN BANK COIN in the KARATGOLD APP. Finalization of a Memorandum of Understanding for the acquisition of a substantial share of the KBC FOUNDATION GOLDMINE “Fort Dauphin” in Madagascar.
  • September 2018

    ICO (4 September 2018 – 4 September 2019). Begin of first negotiation with the financial market authorities with respect to the banking license for the KARATCOIN BANK.
  • December 2018

    Begin of the development of KARATCOIN BANK ATMs. Establishment of the KARATGOLD SECURITY House and conclusion of a cooperation agreement with FORT KNOX.
  • March 2019

    Begin of the development of the cryptocurrency banking software for the KARATCOIN BANK.
  • October 2019

    Approval of the KARATCOIN BANK as a fully licensed financial institution. Listing of the KARATCOIN BANK COIN on the KARATGOLD EXCHANGE. Investment in the KBC FOUNDATION GOLDMINE “Fort Dauphin” in Madagascar.
  • December 2019

    Begin of the global roll out of the KARATCOIN BANK ATMs. Creation the KARATCOIN BANK CREDITCARD. Integration of the KARATGOLD PROFITCARD.
  • February 2020

    Begin of the operation of the KARTCOIN BANK SECURITY HOUSE in cooperation with FORT KNOX.
  • May 2020

    Begin of the expansion of the KARATCOIN BANK activities into other countries by the establishment of branches and subsidiaries.
  • August 2020

    Full development of the KBC FOUNDATION GOLDMINE “Fort Dauphin” in Madagascar and employment of up to 700 employees. Preparation and begin of the acquisition of further gold mines.
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