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Some insects and pests and their control measures

Pests control, sometimes, do not require the use of pesticides or insecticides, but avoiding some common practices can go a long way in keeping away illegal occupants from your kitchen or house. If you can avoid the below list of practices, the chances of having insect pest living in your house will be very slim.

>>> Spilled food in the house 
Spills happen but leaving even a little bit of the mess on the floor or table can invite a whole generation of insects and pests into your home. Spilled food crumbs in your kitchen contain a veritable feast for insects such as cockroaches and ants. You can imagine how annoying the smell and presence of cockroaches in the house can be.
For effective pest control, regular cleanups of your floor, kitchen utensils, even behind your refrigerator, will help so much to make your home an unfriendly place for insects and pests to live in. You do not need insecticide in all cases to control pest.
>>> Stagnant Or Abandoned Drains
A forgotten or abandoned drain, especially one that has a little water and some organic materials like hair and soap coating the insides, is an ideal home for drain flies.
Drains of this condition, create a slimy film that makes an ideal breeding spot for drain flies. If you are having these flies as neighbors or roommates in the house, there is almost certainly a slow or clogged drain nearby. So, for an effective insect control, you should keep all drains clean and flowing.
>>> Dirty Dishes In The Kitchen
Make washing dirty dishes your top priority, if you really want to keep your home pest free. You might want to think twice about waiting until the morning to do the dishes, because when you are sleeping, pests or insects are busy scratching around for food. You can be mean enough to starve the insects or pests in your home by keeping all dishes always clean and washed.
Insect pests such as flies, ants, and cockroaches are highly attracted to leftover food on dishes.
>>> Moist Environment
Dampness attracts pests of different species. Even small amounts dripping from an air conditioner unit may attract wasps that are foraging for water. Oh yes. You heard me.
Water that has soaked into wood is attractive to termites. Downspouts and gutters that are holding water can be perfect habitats for mosquitoes. A dripping faucet may attract rodents, especially if it has been dry and there aren't other water sources around. Regular maintenance that fixes any leaks that could provide a water source can keep pests away. Believe me.
>>> Warmth Environment
When the weather turns cold outside, a lot of pests look for a cozy warm place, as not every pest or insect can survive in a cold weathet, and your house may just be the perfect place to warm up. Pests like stink bugs and lady beetles are just looking for a protected place to wait out the winter period until summer and your home might just be the perfect hotel to lounge for the winter.

The above are few of the many ways you can keep insects or pests away from your home.

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