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Secrets On How To Drive Up to 50,000 Organic Traffic Or Visits To Your Website Or Blog Per Month. Traffic Guaranteed.

Driving continues organic traffic, targeted audience and generating sales or visitors to website is one big challenge many a number of webmasters are faced with, and this has left many frustrated, with the feeling that they can never be like the big guys without spending huge amount of money on internet marketing to increase brand visibility online. I once thought the same. But you must understand that the knowledge you lack about a thing, always leaves you on the disadvantage. With my few years in the SEO world, I have come to understand that there are ways to activate auto traffic on your website or blog spending little or no money on online marketing.

Google and other search engines have always been mentioned in almost 99% of success stories of many online businesses or websites in generating great sales audience targeted in particular niche. In general, search engines are the main backbone in generating huge targeted traffic to your online business or website. 

The big question in many lips is; How Can I Get Website Traffic From Search Engines?

 Let me start with some words of wisdom; If you want a dog to be your friend, then offer a delicious looking bone to the dog. And if you want a little child to see you as a caring uncle, give the chil a candy or a toy or something kids love. To connect, you will need to do the needful. Same with search engines. In summary, your website needs to possess an aroma that will attract search engines to your website continuously. This is where we bring in backlinks, long tail keywords, and so on. Now you know where we are going to. 

In the present world, students hardly refer to written books to learn or be updated on latest discoveries or happenings. The internet world has become like an online college where students learn by reading educational posts or articles about a subject or topic. To find answers to their questions, they will type either a "keyword" or some keywords combination also known as "long tail keywords" to make a search for answers. This is where it all comes to your advantage, as almost billion of searches are made worldwide per day. Imagine you get 10% of one billion searches made worldwide per day. Ah haaa! I saw the look on your face. Don't bother asking how that can be possible, as this post will explain how to make that happen.

Below are ways to drive huge targeted traffic to your website or blog via search engines:

1) Create Up to 2000+ Words Blog Posts
Let me get straight to the point. If you want to get 50,000+ visitors every month via search engines, you'll need long and well written in-depth contents that will be rich in keywords. Below, you will learn about keywords and how to dig for keywords that give results.

After finding the keywords you want to rank for, it’s time for you to start creating 2000+ words blog posts. Do you know that longer content rich in useful words tends to rank higher in Google’s search results?

The average Google first page searched result contains about 1,890 words. This is important because you stand the chance of having a post rich in keywords, which will give that post more exposure online when searches are made online. You should know that 10,000 words blog post without involving the below  step two will be meaningless.

2.) Use Long Tail Keywords In Post Title And Post Body
Let's talk a little about it. Imagine you wrote an article about Mesothelioma Asbestos Cancer and in all your explanations, you only mentioned the single keyword "cancer", but never combined the three keywords " Mesothelioma Asbestos Cancer " in a phrase or sentence. Now, assume someone makes a search on this line, "About Mesothelioma Asbestos Cancer" to learn about this type of cancer, where do you think your post on this topic will rank in a search? Your post will probably not be mentioned in the search engine's first page, as your article on cancer does not contain the searched line, "Mesothelioma Asbestos Cancer". This is why long tail keywords are very important.

Every search engine wants to provide its users or searchers with the best results. To be recommended by these search engines, you will need the best ranked keywords in your post. There are many free long tail keywords tools to help in your search for long tail keywords. You can try UberSuggest keyword tool which is 100% free. Another of my favorite is InstaKeywords tool. Use any of the above tools to get suggested long tail keywords you can use in your post. All you need do is visit any of the above and type parent keyword in the search box and click submit. Many suggested Long Tail Keywords will be displayed with their search volumes and CPC. Choose as many useful keywords as you want and insert in your post title, beginning of your post and middle of your post for effective results.

3.) Building High PageRank BackLinks
You must know that without building much backlinks for your website, step two above might not produce much results, as your keywords might not be ranked high among your competitors in the same niche. Backlinks help to make your website URL popular online. This talks about your connection with other websites. In cases like these, I will advice you connect legally with websites having high page rank and high domain authority (DA). 

How To Build BackLinks? 
Simple question. But you should have asked instead on how to build BackLinks legally. If you spam with your link on another website, Google can penalize you, and this will affect your ranking online. Be careful while you building BackLinks. To build BackLinks legally, submit your website or blog URL to dofollow directory websites with high PR, dofollow social bookmarking websites with high DA, comment on  dofollow commenting blogs with high PR and DA. With your URL listed on these sites, you will also get traffic from them. When these three steps are followed, you can only expect the best results. 

There is no special secret to generating huge targeted website traffic for free, aside these three mentioned. Sometimes, it takes some few days to start noticing some tremendous changes in your traffic. So after following the above steps, give it some time.

So readers, what's up with your website traffic after following the above steps? How helpful was this article. Let's hear from you.

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