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How To Easily Block An E-mail On Gmail Using The Gmail Extension

Are you looking for alternative ways on how to block emails on Gmail? Then, using the Gmail Extension is an appropriate choice for you. This simple method is only suitable if you are using the Google Chrome browser.

Below is how to block someone on Gmail from sending you emails using the Block Sender Google Chrome extension:
  • At first, go to the Google Chrome web store and add the Block Sender extension to your already installed chrome.
  • Once you have added the extension to your chrome, open an email from the sender you want to block and you will see a new Block icon on the top of it.
  • When you click on this Block icon, it shows you three different blocking options: Emails from this senderEmails from this domain, and Emails with same subject.
  • Simply click on “Emails from this sender” option and hoola! It will be blocked immediately with a confirmation message.
Once you have blocked the contacts you want, a separate Gmail filter will be created and all future emails from those blocked contacts will be sent straight go into the trash.
In case you have changed your mind to unblock this sender in the future, then just click on the same option and it will be unblocked.

How to Unblock An E-mail on Gmail

With the above step, blocking an email on Gmail seemed very easy right? Now, let us share the steps of unblocking any sender in case you need to unblock an email.
What Happens When You Block An Email on Gmail? 
When this is done, all the emails from blocked senders will be automatically transferred to the Spam folder. If you have blocked multiple users, then ensure you clear the Spam Folder regularly.
In order to unblock someone on Gmail, you need to follow these below steps:
  • Go to your Gmail account and click on the Settings gear icon on the top right corner of your inbox.
  • From the list of options, select the Settings option.
  • On the Gmail Settings page, go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses section.
  • Now click on the Unblock option available right next to the blocked sender’s name.
Once you have successfully unblocked the contacts you want, now you will be able to receive emails from them again.

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