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Rennes Defeated Paris SG In Penalty Shootout To Win Coup De France With Poor Player Selection From Paris SG

A team like PSG, with star players like Mbape, Neymar, Cavani, Di Maria and others, anyone would expect a score of 0:4 in favour of Paris SG. But no, it didn't go that way, as PSG coach, even with bigger advantage over his opponent, could not make the right player selection. 

I am still in serious shock of what has happened in football. A team like Paris SG, played a cup final without a striker for 90 minutes and also did a team rotation in a cup final match, while leaving some team starters on the bench. From the look of things, Paris SG already won the League 1 title and it is obvious that the Coup de France final was the only big match left for this season. My question is, why didn't PSG coach use his normal team against Rennes? Perhaps he underestimated Rennes. Nope! I don't think so. If you ask me, I would say he did that on purpose, definitely not unconsciously.

Analysing PSG Tactics:
I did not watch the match though, but using Paris SG lineup, with Neymar, Mbape, Di Maria and Draxler, it means Mbape did not play from the wing, perhaps he played as false nine. Mbape operates better from the wing than from the middle or operating in front line. Pardon me, please who is Dagba C? That is a name I am not familiar with in the Paris SG first team. Paris SG made its first and only substitution in 75th minute by bringing in Paredes to replace Di Maria. I was expecting a striker. It was obvious Paris SG wanted a draw. This decision helped Rennes build confidence to play Paris SG without fear.

From the above match stats, Paris SG played 19 shots and had 11 on target, but with only two goals scored. Rennes on the other hand made 6 clean saves, 9 shots and 3 on target, with 2 goals scored. This stats shows that Rennes had more accuracy than Paris SG. With ball possession of 64%, Paris SG were there to entertain fans. 

Paris SG second substitution was made after 90 minutes, when Cavani, a striker, was brought in extra time to perform magic. Just this substitution brought more pressure on Rennes, as the team had 4 yellow cards in the extra time. But it was already too late to get a goal out of Rennes. Paris made more changes in the extra time. From above stats, pressure was on Paris SG coach when Mbape got a red card and was sent off. Diaby was brought in 106th minute and was removed 121st minute. It was indeed a funny game. With Paris SG coach's decision, the game ended in a penalty shootout and this didn't favour Paris as the pressure was now on PSG. It is a self-imposed pressure. Rennes defeated Paris SG in a penalty shootout. Good one Rennes! This is similar mistake Paris SG made against Manchester United, when they played returning leg without a striker, and Cavani came in when it was already too late to get a goal. 

I write this not as a sport writer, but as a fan. I wonder how Paris SG fans are feeling. After all the hard work to reach final, we finally gave the cup to Rennes with a poor performance. If you were the PSG president, what would be your decision?

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