Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Real Madrid (1) Vs Ajax (4), Very Poor Performance From Solari And Not From The Players

All over Europe, no team has won the champions league more than Madrid and no European team has done what Real did in the last three recent Champions league, by winning the trophy three times consecutively with the same team of players. But in today's game against the Holland team, Ajax, it all went soar under Real's acting manager, Solari.

One thing is for sure, a team's performance in league is different from that in champions league. Also, it is not compulsory as a manager, to use the same players you use to play league to compete in the UEFA champions league. In a case like this, I believe experience should come first. 

In Yesterday's match against Ajax, Real looked too rigid with no flexibility in the midfield. The work was too much for Modric, and this prevented him from flowing with the game.  In the absence of Isco, there was no flexibility in the midfield. What about Marcelo, who used to play the left wing for Real. This talisman had his time in the bench. In the absence of captain Ramos, Marcelo should have been in that match. This would have added more confidence to the defense and strength to Real's attack. 

There was no connection among Real's players. Ajax players were more connected in the game. If Solaris had worked with Bale, Isco and Marcelo, perhaps things would not have gone soar. Working with same team who won the UEFA league three times consecutively, would have made the job easier, even with Solari's tactics. 

For the Madrid fans, who would you blame for the defeat, Solari or the players?

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