Monday, 3 December 2018

Nigeria News: 2 Killed Yesterday At Ikorodu, Lagos.

According to report reaching us from a source at Ikorodu, Nigeria lost two lives yesterday, 02/12/2018. Now it looks normal and usual to most Nigerians when we talk about cultism. As many would say, there is nothing new under the Sun. Not too long, we have had many cult related stories from areas like Ketu, Alapere, Owode and Ikorodu, which has led to the death of many youths. The more they are been apprehended, the more members they recruit, either forcefully or willingly. Yesterday's incident looks like one of those activities by the cultists.

Death 1: A guy was pursued yesterday by some unknown boys from Sabo down to Maya in Ikorodu. The deceased had almost gotten to his house, before he was held down by his chasers. He was instantly macheted and cut to pieces. He died very close to his house.

Death 2: Another guy was killed the same day, but in different locations. This happened at Lucky Fibre, Parafa. A guy with newly bought motor bike was attacked by some unknown guys, who forcefully attempted to take his bike from him. And when he resisted, he was shot to death.

The Nigeria police are on these two matters. And we hope the offenders, and not the innocents, will be arrested.

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