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How To Get Abs In 3 Days Naturally.

Well, if you are still living in the time of my grandfather, I don't thing you will be worried about how to get six packs as a guy. And if your girl looks cool with your belly size and look, then you need not worry. After all, my grandmother loved my grandfather, not because of his 6 abs, because he ain't got any, she loved him naturally. But in this new age, what drives most girls crazy about a guy, is his abs. And for the guys, slim girls make them go gaga. This is why many ladies are busy on google, searching for how to lose weight, how to lose belly fat and so on.

If you feel your lady is not complaining, and for this reason, you are ok. Hey bro, I once felt that way, not until I gave myself a new look. Then I got to know how crazily in love my woman was with six abs. Thank God she saw that on me and not on another guy :) . In my case, I love food so much. I kind of feel that eating is a gift to me. I am lanky. You can imagine how I looked with my old belly size. Hey! I hope you are not laughing.

I want to believe you are already conversant with SIT Ups. But in this case, we will be dealing with POSITIONING, to quicken the division of your belly to bring out your desired abs. I did a 4 days, 10 minutes sit up plan, and I noticed some changes the third day. Below are photos of how I looked before and after. I am on my fourth day now. Imagine how I will look in a week's time. Oh my!

I hope you are not looking at my chest, lol! Anyways, this exercise is to work on belly and not chest.

POSITIONING: Sit on a flat surface, with on leg kept triangular to the floor, and the other leg, placed on an object that is at maximum height of 1 feet tall. Connect your two hands at the back of your neck.

How to position

 Now push yourself up. If it is your left leg that is placed triangular to the floor, then, place your right elbow on your left knee and leave it there for at least 3 seconds, while stretching your left elbow sideways to the left, before falling gently backward, with your back to the floor. You can repeat this process up to 20 times.

 In turn, do the same for the right leg and left hand. This helps to squeeze the muscles in your belly, thereby, causing some division or abs. It depends on you on how long you can do this daily.

TESTIMONY: When my woman came back from her trip, she was startled at my new look, when I had my clothes off. Jeez! I am still blushing at what she said to me. And hey! It is none of your business bro.

NOTE: To build abs or six pack quickly through sit ups, this depends completely on your positioning.

Please drop your comments below on your success after 3 days. And I hope this tips  helped you. Don't forget to share this post with your friends by hitting the social buttons below.

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