Monday, 8 October 2018

Man Shares Receipts and Screenshot Of Chat With An Offer Of N100k To Have Gay Sex - Nigeria News

In a religious country like Nigeria, gay sex or gay marriage is not accepted. It is not something you do in the open, but in the dark. Yesterday, Twitter user @Sesnell, went on his timeline to accuse a twitter celeb of attacking gays and homosexuals while himself is a down low chronic homosexual. Yesterday's hoopla has prompted another Twitter user to call someone else out.  This seems like a social media war. 

@Olaminrewaju left a comment on his thread accusing another twitter user of being a down low gay man who offered him N100k to have gay sex with him. Hmm! Olaminrewaju shared a screenshot of their chat below:

Now the accused, @DrightSauce has released screenshots showing his exchange between Olaminrewaju and himself. Olaminrewaju has since deleted his twitter account. 
Follow the photos below:

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