Sunday, 14 October 2018

Did Your Phone Device Fall Into Water? How To Bring Wet Phone Back To Life

Have you ever had your phone swim in a pool of water? Many people have got their mobile devices damaged as a result of this. Information, people say, is power. With this article, you need not be afraid, if your phone device falls into water and gets soaked. 

This simple trick works like magic and it is unbelievable. To many of our readers who are not Africans, this might sound or look strange. We will be working with GARRI or RICE. Before we hit the start button, let's know what GARRI is.

Garri is a carbohydrate based food consumed in many West African countries, Nigeria in particular. Processed from Cassava tubers, Garri in its raw form is creamy-white or light-yellowish flour with a slightly fermented flavor.

The two main varieties of Garri are:
1.The "White" Garri

2. The "Yellow" Garri

Essentially, both varieties of Garri have the similar processing methods; the yellow color can be achieved simply by adding a few drops of palm-oil to the cassava flour during the frying/drying stage. 

Today, we won't be talking on how to make GARRI. So, let's go out of the lane. What you need: GARRI in large quantity, container with cover or nylon bag, or RICE in large quantity.

Take the phone out of water and remove the phone battery, SIM card and memory card. Leave the phone opened this way: 

Now, bury the phone inside the GARRI or rice completely. Cover the container or tie the nylon bag. Leave this for 12 hours and insert your battery into the exhumed phone and hoola! There you go.

Note: First, check your battery to see if it is soaked too. If the battery is not affected, then, you are good to go.

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