Sunday, 23 September 2018

Tanzania News- Burial of Tanzania ferry disaster victims starts

Disaster hits as MV Nyerere ferry capsized on Thursday afternoon a few metres before docking at the Ukara Island on Lake Victoria  and 218 people have been reported dead.

The burial of the victims of the MV Nyerere ferry disaster starts Sunday.
The chief of defence forces Venance Mabeyo on Saturday, told reporters that the burial of the victims would start on Sunday due to inadequate mortuary facilities and the bad condition of most of the bodies.

“We are going to ask the government to allow us bury all those who have not yet been identified. And we also encourage relatives to bury their loved ones right here instead of transporting them far away,” General Mabeyo told reporters in Ukara Island on Saturday.

The minister for Transport, Communication and Works, Isack Kamwelwe, also told reporters that the death toll had reached 218 by Saturday evening.

Forty seven more bodies have been spotted and would be recovered in the ongoing recovery operation. About 171 bodies have already been identified and 112 already taken by relatives for burial, Mr Kamwelwe said.

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