Sunday, 23 September 2018

Kenya News- A Man drowns in Makueni dam while trying to rescue bull

Makueni dam

Locals in Kiathiiani village, Kibwezi retrieved the body of a man said to have drowned in a dam while trying to rescue his bulls on Saturday, September 22, 2018. 

Wambua Kawetha's relations said the bulls, which were pulling a cart, got to the deep end of the water reservoir at Kwa-Ngonde.

He was in the company of two other men who said he drowned after jumping into the deep end and got stuck in the dam.
One of the bulls was rescued and the carcass of the other retrieved in the Saturday incident.

"Kavetha was on a mission to fetch water when he met his death," Kyalo Mutua, a neighbour, said.

Red Cross volunteers helped in the retrieval together with skilled divers.
Nthiani Kamuti, one of the local divers, proposed that locals be trained in diving so that they can help in times of an emergency.

The body was taken to Makindu sub-county hospital mortuary.
According to report, this will be the second death in earth dams, which are the main source of water in Makueni county during the dry season.

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