Sunday, 19 August 2018

Two Year Old Baby Attacked A Nine Month Old Baby At The Daycare. This Is Demonic!

A woman was running mad when her 9 months old baby girl was viciously attacked by another two year old baby who "sneaked" into her cot in the Nursery. Read what she said below:

FROM AN AGGRIEVED MUM: I got a phone call today saying my baby was attacked at the daycare. I just want to know how could a 2 year old climb in a crib & do all this “BY HIMSELF” to my 9 months old baby. HUH ??!!!!! You didn’t hear him SCREAM to the top of his lungs after the FIRST bite? THERES NO f**kING WAY HE SLEPT THROUGH THIS f**kING CHILD ATTACKING HIM! WHO THE F**K RAISED THAT DEMON? My baby will NEVER look the same again! This is not right!

This is indeed weird to have a 2 years old baby become so violent on another child to this extend.

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