Friday, 17 August 2018

Nicki Minaj Exposes Her Ex-Boyfriend, Safaree: She Says He Was Sleeping With Prostitutes

Nicki Minaj just gave one of the most controversial interviews in the history of hip hop and rap in a radio show with funk master flex, coincidentally it is also the first week of her album release and alot of people are already thinking she is doing this for record sales. In the interview, she blasted her ex-boyfriend Safaree for being a fraud, lazy man and basically a cheater. 

She also that he used her money to pay and hire prostitutes and she was basically taking care of him when he quit his job and his mother and sister didn't support her ambition and dreams. It was a very juicy interview. She actually paused in the middle of the interview to make a phone call to one of her compatriots to confirm some dirt she threw on Safaree on writing her lyrics for her.

UPDATE: Safaree has fired back at Nicki Minaj for using his name to boost her record sales and accused her of slashing him in a murder attempt when he had to lie for her and told the police he tried to commit suicide! Thats pretty deep!

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