Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Nigeria News- Man Caught Stealing Not In Use Auto Tyre In Alausa Lagos

Today's news is a funny one, if you ask me. Many have a way of responding to the country's economy quagmire. And few a number of her citizens can survive the hard times without having hands stained with palm oil.

It is so funny to know that almost every scrap or abandoned stuff you can find in the streets of Nigeria has an owner. And these stuff are sometimes sold to recycling companies for cash. But the fellow in the below photos failed to know this. The strange attitude and suspicious movements by the suspect made the residents of Oyeleke street, Alausa Ikeja to believe he was a thief.

As this is a common practice in Nigeria, where damaged car tyres are used to barricade car parks to prevent unauthorized cars from occupying the parking space of a company or residence. Same was the case. When the suspect saw the tyre by the road side, he took it and ran. Some residents pursued and caught up with him. Some police officers nearby quickly interfered to keep the whole issue calm and peaceful. This happened very close the police station in Alausa, Lagos by 10am today.

One of the police men asked that the suspected thief should be taken to their station for further interrogation, as there has been some complaints about some missing properties in the neighborhood.

If the police had not interfered, perhaps the suspect would have received jungle justice for taking a damaged auto tyre.

Below are photos of the happening:

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  1. Wow! I witnessed it. I never knew you were there. It was indeed a funny happening :)