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How To Cook Beans And Fried Plantain

 This is one of my favorite meals. It is economical and rich. You really do not need to spend much. Beans is very rich in plant protein, which is very good for your health. It can be eaten with almost anything like bread, boiled rice, boiled or fried yam, boiled or fried plantain, boiled or fried potato, boiled cocoyam, and so on. Here in Africa, we have different styles of cooking or preparing beans for meal. And today, we will be talking about one of the simplest ways of preparing beans with ripened and fried plantain. Oh my! I am salivating already.

Palm oil
One seasoning cube
300g smoked or dried fish
Groundnut oil
One Onion bulb
Grounded pepper
Ripened Plantains

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Put some quantity of water in a bowl, chop your smoked or dried fish into pieces and wash in the bowl. Now, put the washed fish in a dry plate.

I hope your beans is not dirty. To be sure, check the dirt. Now, put your beans in a bowl of water, with your two hands in the bowl, scrub to wash the beans. Wait!!! Jeez! Not too hard on the beans. When you are done, separate the washed beans from the water and through the water away. One more time, repeat the washing again.

Now, place your pot on the fire with some measured quantity of water. I don't know the quantity of beans you want to cook, but don't let the water in the pot to be too much. Now add the washed beans to the pot on the fire. Allow this to boil for at least 20 minutes, depending on the fire or quantity of  beans in the pot. Check from time to time to ensure the beans is not without water in the pot.

While you wait, wash your Onion bulb and chop it into a plate. Peel off your ripened plantains and slice into pieces, and don't allow the pieces to be too thick in layer, to allow hot oil penetrate while been fried. Add little quantity of salt to it and mix. 

Now place another pot on another fire, and allow it to dry off, leaving no trace of water. Now, pour some quantity of groundnut, castor or any other cooking oil. You can use palm oil if you want. Allow your oil to heat up for at least 2 minutes. To know if it has attained the level of temperature we need, deep your finger into water and allow a drop into the oil on the fire. What type of sound did it bring? Oh yea, you are good to go. Now, gently place some of those sliced plantains with a dishing spoon into the very hot oil. Did it bubble? Ok. You got it right. With a long spoon, gently stir the pieces of plantains in the hot oil. Careful there. Do this until the plantains in the hot oil attain a light brown colour. To be sure, you can take out one, be careful, it is hot. Now, have a bite. Is it ok now? If yes, take out all fried plantains into a clean plate or bowl. You should have something like this: 
Photo: 123rf

Back to our old friend, abandoned friend, the beans in the boiling water. Check to know if it is soft now. If your beans is soft, then empty everything into a big bowl, leaving the pot empty. Now, place that same emptied pot on the fire again.

Allow to heat up. Now add some quantity of palm oil. Uhmm... Add some drops again. It shouldn't be in excess though, but palm oil is good for the body. Can you still remember how you tested the temperature of your groundnut or Castor oil before frying your plantains earlier? Do the same for your palm oil. Now, add some quantity of your chopped Onion bulb to add some flavor or aroma. Immediately, break your seasoning cube into powder. Don't add the seasoning powder yet. Drain out water from your cooked beans into a bowl. Pour the cooked beans into the boiling oil gently to avoid splatter of the hot liquid. Stir continuously for a minute. Now, add all your chopped Onion bulb, your washed smoked or dried fish and your seasoning powder. Allow for another one minute while you stir continuously.

 Add desired quantity of salt into the food. Hey watch it! Careful with that. Don't ask me, because I don't know the quantity of beans you are cooking. Just be careful with that. Now add the drained water from the cooked beans into the pot of beans on the fire. Watch it! The water shouldn't be too much. Allow to cook for 15 minutes while you stir every 1 minute 30 seconds to avoid burnt. Your food is ready!

Serve some quantity of your cooked beans into a plate and add some fried plantains beside the served beans. Now you can put you jaws to work. Enjoy the meal!

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