Friday, 15 June 2018

Edo State Nigeria- Be Careful! A Gang Of Ritualists Are Operating In Benin

Credit: Pexel

I am so dumbfounded at what is happening all around the country Nigeria. At least, we are aware of the recent killings in the country by some groups of unknown fellows. The herdsmen, boko haram and badoo, to mention few, have been terrorising the country for long. 

Although, before the aforementioned groups, we've always had the "Ritualists" who have been using humans to make money and this is common in Africa. 

Though, we are used to this happening, which has always been happening in the months of September to December. But according to the report reaching GiveMeReport Media today, the bad guys can't wait to work in the night.

 A gang of ritualists are currently in Benin city looking out for people to kidnap and take away for money ritual purpose. They pose as genuine cab operators but unknown to their would be passengers that they are kidnappers and ritualists. 

A woman was rescued on 12 June, 2018 at iheya street in Benin city after she was picked up at kings square in Benin city heading to ikpoba hill, only for them to divert the car. Two of them were arrested and now with the police. Be watchful of your kind of cabs this period. 

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