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My Near Death Experience With Convulsion

Today, I interviewed an old friend who had convulsion some years ago. And he has shared his story to explain how convulsion really is. If you ask me what convulsion is, I will probably define it, not based on experience, but on what I have read. Experience I believe, will define it better. 

What is convulsion? 
According to Wikipedia, it is a sudden, violent, irregular movement of the body, caused by involuntary contraction of
muscles and associated especially with brain disorders such as epilepsy, the presence of certain toxins or other agents in the blood, or fever in children. I think that is what science has got to tell us. And medical experts would probably tell you same thing as stated above. 

Pardon me, but I don't think science can explain the "SPIRITUAL" better. I believe convulsion is spiritual and demonic too. This is my opinion, if you ask. And I think I have my reasons. You probably will think same after you read this short interview.

GiveMeReport: Hello Joseph. How are you today?

Joseph: I am ok, thanks.

GiveMeReport: We are trying to make people see why some people believe convulsion is spiritual. And we believe that only someone who's had convulsion can help throw more light to this. Please, can you share your true life story with us. How was it like? 

Joseph: Oh ok. I was just like every normal child. When I was 5 years old, one quiet evening, I was playing with my friends. Suddenly, I was cold and I felt like something entered my body. I lost consciousness. And after this experience, it became normal to me that I would convulse at least 4 times a year.

I was always scared of cold as this was like an activator. And when the convulsion wanted to start, it would come like a silent and cold and gentle breeze. And I would see shadows moving around me in circle. And when I tried to speak out, then I lost consciousness. During this time, I vomit some white foamy liquid. Also, my upper and lower jaw crush against each other so hard that it could break a metallic spoon. I peed on myself too and the urine was so hot. And then, I fall into deep sleep.

In the year 2008, I visited my best friend in Lagos, Nigeria, to spend some time with him. And he was living with his dad who was a police officer. So, they were living in the Police barracks. He was a Christian. 

One day, while we were sleeping, I saw like some shadows in the room. This always happens when I want to convulse. While I was waking him (my friend) up from sleep to show him  those shadows, I was pointing to the darkest corner of the room and I was shouting, "See! See!!..." Though I heard him praying as he thought I had seen a ghost, but I later lost consciousness.  And when I woke up, I was wet, as I had urinated on myself. Everyone was staring  at me, all wondering what had happened to me.

When I explained my condition, everyone was startled. Before my visit to my friend's, my mother had wanted to take me to a witch doctor for solution. So, I told my friend about my effort to help myself. My friend preached Jesus to me and used the part of the Bible in Mark chapter 9 to prove that convulsion was demonic and that only Jesus can help me. He preached salvation to me. I believed and accepted Christ. I prayed and studied the Bible with him. And I grew in faith. 

One wonderful night, those shadows came again. First, there was this gentle and cold breeze, and then, the shadows. Everyone was in deep sleep and I was all alone. As I was now convinced convulsion was demonic, I boldly faced it with my faith in Christ. While praying, those shadows were still moving around me. I kept praying. And suddenly, one after the other, those shadows left. And after this, they never came back. Since 2008 till date, I have not convulsed. 

Convulsions are demonic and there is no medical treatment to it. My experience was terrible. I don't think there is vocabulary that can describe how terrible my experience was. Thank God I am healed and saved now.

GiveMeReport: Just like that? 

Joseph: Oh yea, just like that.

GiveMeReport: Waow! I am dumbfounded at this story. And thanks for your time.

Well, I personally, have witnessed where a guy convulsed. We were all watching a football match in a sport bar and..... It happened. Exactly what happened to Joseph, happened to this guy, but this guy did not pee on himself though. And a couple of months later, while this same guy was taking a view from the balcony of a two storey building, from the second floor, he convulsed and fell to the ground. It was so bad for him as he landed with his head to the ground. With a big cut in his skull and blood all over his face, he was rushed to the hospital. The good news is, he survived it. I wonder how long he will have to suffer that torment. 

I am convinced it is demonic, but if you have a separate opinion, please share with proves using the below comment box.

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