Thursday, 1 February 2018

The Kenya Revenue Authority Sues Google To Court

The Kenya Revenue Authority has taken search engine
giant Google to court, following a mystery hacking of the
taxman’s computer systems.
The hackers breached KRA’s systems, which led to an investigation that has stalled unless the internet company shares certain pieces of information.

The KRA detectives are involved in a landmark court battle with
Google over access to an email at the centre of the hacking.
It all got complicated after the Directorate of Criminal
Investigations (DCI), obtained a court order granting it access to
information of the email address used by the hacker.

On serving KRA with the order, the firm’s local subsidiary, Google Kenya, said it was not in a position to assist in the probe. Meanwhile, Google Kenya had moved to the High Court, asking it to cancel the order, arguing that it is a separate
legal entity from its California-based parent company, Google

According to Google Kenya, the firm has no access to the
documents and records it has been ordered by the court to provide.

Justice George Odunga has issued a temporary order
barring the DCI officers from enforcing the order that
allowed them access to the gmail account until Google
Kenya’s suit is heard and determined.

The order was issued at the Milimani Chief Magistrate’s
Court on January 9 and directed Google Kenya to provide
Mohammed Jillo of the DCI’s KRA unit with documents and
records relating to the email address. And KRA’s DCI unit has it, was used by
an unknown hacker on more than one occasion to perform
tasks reserved for the taxman’s officers.

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