Friday, 16 February 2018

First Made-in-Nigerian AerialVehicle, "Tsaigumi Drone" Inaugurated by BuhariIn Kaduna

Something new has hit Nigeria in the world of technology, as President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, 15th February, 2018, inaugurated the first locally made Nigerian Air Force unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Tsaigumi in Kaduna State.
As part of the Federal Government efforts to tackle insecurity in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari has unveiled a surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) produced locally by the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology.

The UAC codenamed TSAIGUMI is the first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to be produced in the country and will be used to fight terrorism, armed banditry and other sophisticated crimes through enhanced air surveillance.

The president also inspected 10 Super Mushshak aircraft  recently procured by the Nigerian Air Force from Pakistan.

Buhari said, "The world is witnessing an ever increasing surge in the employment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in military
operations because, while standard air weapons such as missiles, fighters and bombers work against well-defined targets like conventional enemy forces or installations, they are not as useful in today’s complex wars that are fought against adversaries who are often hidden amongst innocent populations or in locations similarly sensitive or difficult to strike by normal conventional means".
"Unmanned Aerial Vehicle can loiter and maintain an 'unblinking stare’ over a chosen area for hours. Thanks to the
ability to ‘watch and wait’, its operator, often miles away, can provide a continuous stream of vital information on enemy
activities and if the platform is weaponised, it patiently chooses the best moment to engage".

"Thus the employment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capabilities for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and where possible, strike operations significantly increases the chances of success while minimising unwanted collateral damage". 

"Government remains determined, despite numerous challenges to bring about the much-needed CHANGE that will lift our
beloved nation to its rightful place as a major economic and political force on the world stage".

"From the military perspective, the added capacity for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance provided by the TSAIGUMI will boost ongoing and future security operations. As this project moves into the next stage, which is mass
production, it would create employment and possibly generate revenue as Nigeria’s first military export product.”

Nice one Nigeria Air force Institute of Technology.

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