Monday, 12 February 2018

England: 2nd World War Bomb Discovered (London City Airport Closed)

     After the discovery of an unexploded Second World War bomb, London city airport was closed.

     After the bomb was found nearby in the River Thames on Sunday, all flights into and out of the city airport will be stopped today, Monday.

     The closure of the airport led to the cancellation of more than 100 departures and is affecting up to 16,000 passengers,
according to a spokeswoman.

     The bomb was discovered at the George V Dock at about 5am on Sunday during planned work at the airport.
Newham Council said the bomb was a German 500kg fused device and warned work to deal with it would last until

The Metropolitan Police said the airport was shut at 10pm, as officers worked with the Royal Navy to remove the bomb.

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