Friday, 16 February 2018

A 23-year-old London University Dropout Builds Tractors

Although, it looks obvious that the Nigerian economy is not structured to help its citizens, that does not mean Nigerians are not talented. And Jerry Mallo is not an exception.

A young man identified as Jerry Mallo, a 23-year-old school dropout from an engineering institution in London, United

He is from Jos, Plateau State in Nigeria. Despite being unable to complete his education at the University of Hertfordshire, Jerry Mallo now focuses on building tractors and grinding machines.

Jerry disclosed that it took him three months to build his first tractor. He also said that there is no machine he cannot

He said: “I build any kind of machine, people tell me what they want and design and fabricate it. I have built potato, yam,
cassava peelers, maize shellers, rice, wheat processing machine, crop planters and harvesters. They are so many. About picking interest it has been since my child hood, I have always dreamt of being the Bill Gate of machine in Africa. I was born in a not poor but almost poor family, so I didn't have much opportunity but I kept doing what I loved doing. Till when I made a ‘fuelless’ generator and my first proto type car in SS3, that motivated a rich man called professor Bogoro to sponsor me to university. Actually my passion is on sport cars, but when I dropped out of school I decided to go into agro machines. But
my dreams for sport cars is still very much alive”.

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