Friday, 5 January 2018

US: Pakistan Security Assistance Is On Suspension

WASHINGTON: The United States has withheld security assistance to Pakistan, claiming that the country has not acted as desired against terrorism. The security assistance also includes not just the foreign military aid, but also, the reimbursement amount that the Department of Defence provides
to Pakistan. This assistance also includes Coalition Support Fund (CSF) payments.

This announcement was made during
the daily briefing at the State Department on Thursday, declaring that Pakistan should not be surprised by this reaction. The department
spokesperson, Heather Nauert, did not specify the total amount that has been ceased,  "the suspension is a freeze, and does not reflect intent to re-programme funds at this time," she
said, adding that the administration still wants to have conversation with Pakistan about what they have to do to combat terrorism. She also said that the administration has been blunt with Pakistan since there were other countries that had asked
to be strict.

The money that has been suspended comes in from different budgetary sources, including the State Department, and the Department of
defence. On Tuesday, the United States withheld $225 million in military aid. The suspension also
includes CSF payments which amount to $700 million, approved in the 2018 budget. However, she said that there might be some exceptions
that are made on a case to case basis they made be determined later.

The White House had announced that there would be more action coming against Pakistan after President Trump accused Pakistan of giving lies and deceit in return of monetary aid.

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