Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Safe Way To Prevent Pregnancy

Sperm is the penile discharge released at the peak of sexual stimulation. Normally, the seminal fluid “clots” immediately after ejaculation, giving the semen a sticky consistency. It appears to be a mixture of clear fluid and white, pearly liquid. This milky substance indicates the presence of sperm
cells in the semen. All these make sperm effective. 

  For many years, there has been a question of what natural way can one avert pregnancy without the use of pills and without bad health effect. With the available natural ways, few or none are reliable. Well, if you ask me, I don't like pills. Pills are not herbal, they are made from chemicals. You must know that chemicals do not decompose completely in our system. But herbals do. With this, I made some research to find a solution and I got one.

 Garcina kola, also known as bitter kola. It has many health uses and few a number of people know about what I am telling you today.

According to biology,  watery sperm is ineffective and bitter kola makes your sperm watery. When eaten by man before sex, it makes the sperm watery, but only on your first ejaculation. Just one is ok, but if your sperm is thicker than pap or jelly, then you can go with two. Trust me on this, it works! After eating, don't drink water, wait for at least a minute before you hit the road.

NOTICE: This is only for married couples. It exposes you to sexual diseases as this will involve unprotected sex. Don't forget HIV/ AIDS is real.

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