Friday, 5 January 2018

Liverpool (2-1) Everton- £75m Van Dijk Saved The Day

There is a saying that goes: quality is better than quantity, and this case is not an exception. The Dutchman was bought some days ago from Southampton with a record fee of £75m (the most expensive defender in history). This left everyone thinking if Virgil Van Dijk would give Liverpool at least, 20 goals a season. Such amount paid for, would buy a world class striker. It is obvious Klopp had his eyes on something nobody could see. If you ask me, Van Dijk is talk, very good at the back, and good in attack. Qualities too rare to find in a defender.

In today's FA cup match against Everton, at 83 minutes, the result was a draw (1:1), but 85 minutes, a header from the Dutchman saved the day. This his debut, and it came with a winning from Van Dijk.

Liverpool has always been known for their weak defence. But with Van Dijk in the heart of Liverpool's defence, and with players like Salah, Mane', Firminho and maybe Coutinho(if the Brazilian doesn't go to Fc Barca), they definitely will look indomitable and formidable too.

This is guy is already making waves!

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