Monday, 8 January 2018

How To Cook A Delicious Okra Soup

Africa is known for some delicious delicacies and some crazy recipe that can make your mouth wet. Every country in the Africa continent has its own special delicacies. And today, we'll be moving down to Nigeria, a country in the western part of Africa. 
And today, Chef Owenayuk will be teaching you on how to cook "Okra Soup". 

INGREDIENTS: Okra, seasoning cubes(2), palm oil, salt, pumpkin leaf, smoked or dried fish, fresh fish, beef, fresh pepper, onion bulb (2),  Lobsters (optional).

STEP 1: Wash your okra (the quantity you need), and chop it to the smallest pieces you desire. 

STEP 2: Wash your pumpkin leaf (quantity you need) and chop to your desired size.

STEP 3: Wash your smoked or dried fish, beef and fresh fish. After washing your fresh fish, don't forget to cut into pieces your desired sizes. And if you are also using lobsters, also wash.

STEP 4: Wash and chop your two Onion bulbs. Now divide this into two parts. 

STEP 5: Add 5ml-15ml of water to your pot. Now, put everything in STEP 3 into the pot and place on the fire. From STEP 4, add one part into the pot that is on the fire. Also, add one seasoning cube and some quantity of salt, to your desired taste. But I will advise you measure your salt with a tea spoon half filled with salt. This depends on the quantity you are having in the pot. Allow this to cook for at least 25 minutes.

STEP 6: While you wait on STEP5, wash your fresh pepper and grind it together with the remaining chopped onions in step 4. Now, also devide this into two.

STEP 7: After the 25 minutes in step 5, empty everything in the pot into a clean bowl. Now, place the empty pot on the fire for 15 seconds and add your palm oil. Allow to heat for 1 minute and 45 seconds, at least hot enough to fry an egg. Now add your chopped okra in step 1. Stir continuous for 1 minute and immediately add your other remaining part in step 6. Don't stop stirring and don't allow to get burnt. Stir for additional two minutes. 

STEP 8: Now, empty your bowl in step 7 into the pot already on the fire and stir. Allow for 5 minutes. Within the 5 minutes, stir twice. Now add your step 2, your chopped pumpkin leaf and the remaining part of the grounded pepper with onions and also, add the other seasoning cube. Stir and allow for another 5 minutes. Also stir twice with the awaiting time. As you stir, your can have a taste of what you are cooking to know if the taste of salt in the soup is ok. Otherwise, add almost similar quantity of salt you added earlier. This also depends on the quantity of soup you are cooking. Now, your soup is ready. Ready to be served!

Remember, only add the remaining blended pepper with onions when you are not satisfied with the taste of pepper in the soup.

NOTE: You can use this soup to eat with boiled Rice, pounded Yam, Eba (made from Cassava), etc. 

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