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How To Secure Or Unlock Your Laptop With A Flash Drive

In our previous posts, I gave a tutorial on how you could create a master password to secure your pc from intruders. Today, we are going to be talking on something special, but not new. This is one of my old posts I deleted during our blog maintenance. This blog post will explain to you on how to secure your computer with a flash drive or usb (pen drive) from unauthorized persons. In our new technology world, most gadgets have upgraded in their security and privacy, but the old technology is still the same. The computer tutorials in loaded spot will help you upgrade your computer and other gadgets to meet up with time. As we all know that new laptops nowadays are built with high security, functions and features like face recognition, eye scanners, finger print readers and so on. The question is, can your personal computer do all these? Although, your pc can do little of this tricks only with computer tricks such as those tutorials here in loaded spot.This designed computer trick will help you lock your pc with just a flash drive. Your usb flash drive will work as a remove controller for your pc because your computer will only respond when your flash is connected or plugged to your computer. Your keyboard or keypad and mouse will be disabled automatically if your flash drive is not plugged. As a result of this, your computer screen will also go dark. But once the usb flash drive is connected again, it will unlock your pc automatically. This tutorial supports all windows.


Although the steps you need are very simple to follow, but we'll need a software to make our work easier. Which of the windows are you using? Download "Predator" software using below options for your kind of windows: 64 Bit | 34 Bit .After downloading and installing the software, it will launch automatically. But if it does not work this way for you, simply launch it from your desktop or start menu. Now, plug your flash drive and you will be prompted to define your new password. You don't have to be afraid as this will not affect either your stored files or usb flash, not at all. When you are ready, simply click the


button and in the next empty box, enter your new password. NOTE: Ensure that your flash drive matches the one that will show below the "USB KEY DRIVE". If it does not, you can simply select the right or correct name or letter that matches yours from the drop down list.<hr/>

Now, click the "Create" key or button. And following this, click <h1>Ok</h1>. You will notice that the software will automatically exit itself. This shows that you're done!
From your computer, you can now restart the program by simply double clicking on the software icon. Tip initialization might take some few seconds to complete. when this is done or complete, you will notice an icon in the "Task Bar" as it turns "green". NOW IT IS READY TO WORK!

<h1>To Test This:</h1> Simply unplug your flash drive and your pc will automatically lock. Whenever your usb flash drive is plugged again, it unlock your pc. Enjoy!

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